1754 Dom Bedos; 1985 Quoirin organ at Église Sainte-Croix [Holy Cross], Bordeaux, France

1754 Dom Bedos; 1985 Quoirin organ at Église Sainte-Croix [Holy Cross],...

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#0029: The Art of Escape (Part 1)

Bach may have considered this piece a theoretical study and not have intended The Art of Fugue to be performed at all, since he prepared it in open score and left the climax incomplete. On our next Pipedreams program, we give life to theory, as an international array of soloists leads us through Bach’s contrapuntal maze, this music which astounds the mind and delights the ear simultaneously. A fugue too many? Not to worry, we’ll provide a map to help you listen, and hand you all the keys necessary to open the doors of mystery. How does it end?

#0136: Continental Zephyr

The door is wide open, and the variety and intensity of performers involved in the world of the pipe organ continues to astonish and delight. Our next Pipedreams program explores the vivid work of a dozen European soloists, and the determined involvement of an excellent audio engineer. Christoph Martin Frommen who has documented several grand masters, and some relative youngsters still in their early twenties, for whom musicianship is crucial and the pipe organ is only the means of their expression. The air is alive with beguiling sounds and an astonishing array of talent, as we sample the catalog of a young European CD label, with fresh breezes from abroad enlivening the realm of the King of Instruments. Sail along with us on the Continental Zephyr new sounds from Aeolus Records of Germany, this week on Pipedreams.