1999 Kegg; 1970 Casavant organ at First United Methodist Church, Cleveland, OH

1999 Kegg; 1970 Casavant organ at First United Methodist Church,...

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Programs that feature this organ

#0317: Te Deum!

It’s almost like a peal of bells, and why not, since this week’s program is all about praise. The phrase We praise you, oh God. We acknowledge you to be the Lord… has inspired composers through the centuries. Dupré, Attaignant, Buxtehude, and Demessieux, have each created monuments on this text and we’ll also listen to a very snappy setting from the French Baroque by Charpentier, as well as chorale versions by Britten and Berlioz. The celebrations continue through time and traditions, as we shout our praise: Te Deum!

#0333: Organ Plus

Whenever the sound of organ music is not quite enough, the King of Instruments always has plenty of friends to augment the harmony. This week’s program celebrates exactly that situation with a collection of familiar and unusual works scored for the pipe organ with other instrumental resources. Organ with trumpet, organ with string trio or chamber orchestra, organ with choir and synthesizer and even electronic tape. Michael Murray, Leonard Raver, Peter Hurford and others call on their colleagues to play works by Marcel Dupré, Thomas Augustin Arne, Monte Mason and J.S. Bach. It’s a scene with unlimited horizons; music for Organ Plus.

#0429: Archive of Purcell's Pleasure

Beyond the familiar Trumpet Tune, this week’s broadcast features many pieces by one of England’s foremost masters, one of his contemporaries and some later imitators. He’s justly celebrated, but sometimes for not quite the right reasons. Henry Purcell, the foremost English composer of the late seventeenth century, is our particular fascination on the next Pipedreams broadcast, when we’ll listen to everything he wrote for organ, plus some pieces that he DIDN’T, but to which his name is traditionally and tenaciously attached nonetheless. With period instruments and grand cathedral organs played by Robert Woolley, John Butt, John Scott, Davitt Moroney, and even Virgil Fox, we go on beyond the familiar Trumpet Tunes to hear Voluntaries and Marches, Anthems, Songs, and Dances, looking back through 3 centuries in tribute to the memory of one of Britain’s famous past masters.

#0721: Archive of Organ Plus

…another exploration of the remarkable repertoire for pipe organ in consort with other instruments and voices. It’s all about collegiality. On our next Pipedreams program, the organ teams up with all sorts of friends including it’s keyboard cousin, the piano, plus other brassy relations –the trumpet and trombone. You’ll hear a little lullaby for organ and harp, a haunting fantasy for organ and electronic-tape that is amazingly effective plus a transcription of an orchestral tone poem by Franz Liszt, a spicy Baroque Concerto by Michel Corrette, and a lusty march by Alexandre Guilmant. Think variety organ with trumpet, organ with trombone, organ with choir, or harp, or piano, or symphony orchestra, even organ with electronic tape. We’re going to set aside all churchly implications and team up with many instrumental friends. Think beyond the box. Organ Plus, this week on Pipedreams.