1739 Parizot-1992 Dupont organ at L’Eglise Saint-Remy de Dieppe, France

1739 Parizot-1992 Dupont organ at L’Eglise Saint-Remy de Dieppe, France

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#0140: Organ Fireworks

Some people just enjoy a challenge. On our next Pipedreams program, we visit with one such challenged individual, a former organist at Westminster Abbey who’s now a full-time recitalist. Just to say he’d done it, Christopher Herrick went and recorded and performed in concert the complete works of Bach. But that was just a beginning. He’s scoured the world in search of interesting instruments and we’ll hear him play wide-ranging repertoire on organs from around the world. There’s no doubt HE sets off Organ Fireworks. It’s not just concert sparklers, but the whole range of musical opportunity explored by a recitalist and recording artist who has travelled the world to find just the right sound for his successful Hyperion recordings. From London’s Temple Church to the Town Hall of Wellington, New Zealand, you’ll be delighted by Christopher Herrick’s Organ Fireworks, this week on Pipedreams.

#0251: A Christmas Festival

The charm of folk tunes and the charismatic character of an international array of instruments and soloists enlivens this program of seasonal fare. Franz Lehrndorfer improvises at Saint Boniface Church in Munich, Ann Labounsky plays the work of her famous teacher Jean Langlais, and Todd Wilson shows off the Skinner organ at Cleveland’s Severance Hall. We offer holiday music of the shepherds and angels from around the world. Listen to variations from Munich and Dieppe, hymn preludes from Cleveland and Tacoma, and fine-wrought fantasies from Methuen and Fort Lauderdale as part of A Christmas Festival.

#0313: Wisdom of the Ages

The King of Instruments enjoys a long and proud tradition. This week we’ll celebrate this heritage with instruments in all of the major European countries where the art of the organ was born and fostered. The peripatetic Charles Burney, who wrote much about organs and organists encountered during his famous travels, contributes a tune to our medley as do Domenico Scarlatti, Vicente Hervas, Michel Corrette, and Georg Böhm. Everything old IS new again as we listen to historic instruments playing German, French, English, Italian, and Spanish music, all with perfect accent, the way it was meant to be. We honor tradition as the voices from these old pipes reveal the Wisdom of the Ages.