Davis Concert Organ [2002 Létourneau] at Winspear Centre for Music, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Davis Concert Organ [2002 Létourneau] at Winspear Centre for Music,...

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#0320: Winspear Wonder

This week we celebrate the inauguration of a new instrument, the Davis Concert Organ at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To date, it is the largest production from the shop of the Letourneau Organ Company of Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec. With 96 stops and more than 6500 pipes, it lays claim to being the biggest mechanical-action instrument to be installed in a concert hall in modern times. Christopher Herrick shows it off in a colorful collection of solo works, and Rachel Laurin teams up with Marion Bernardi and the Edmunton Symphony for the world premiere of grand new concerto by Jacques Hetu. In cooperation with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, we are pleased to present Ferrand Letourneau’s Winspear Wonder.