1921 Skinner organ of Saint Luke’s Church in Evanston, IL

1921 Skinner organ of Saint Luke’s Church in Evanston, Ill.

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#0223: Windy City History

Our travels take us to Chicago this week, and the shores of Lake Michigan where American organbuilding traditions come alive on instruments from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Bill Aylesworth showcases the oldest surviving of its kind in Chicago, built by the Hook Brothers of Boston for the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Contrast it with any of the organs listed below, and you’ll realize just how varied organ music can be. Tune in and you might get so excited you’ll want to visit the place for some exploration on your own. Nostalgic zephyr and blasts from the past as we audition instruments from as early as 1875. Bill Aylesworth, Mary Gifford, Wolfgang Rübsam and others respirate the past, as we explore Windy City History, antique organs in Chicago, this week on Pipedreams.

#0315: Resurrection Revelations

The times, they are a-changing, and these days of evolving springtime bring equal measure of mystery and marvel. This week, we muse on this transformation of life with music for the spring festival of rebirth. French, German and American composers reflect on the Easter message. Marcel Dupré ponders the unknowable, Pierre Cochereau celebrates with dances and jubilation, while Richard Webster trumpets a Paschal Fanfare for the Risen Christ. Celebrate the coming of spring with music inspired by the Easter Festival. In parish chapels and historic cathedrals, we rejoice in Resurrection Revelations.

#0333: Organ Plus

Whenever the sound of organ music is not quite enough, the King of Instruments always has plenty of friends to augment the harmony. This week’s program celebrates exactly that situation with a collection of familiar and unusual works scored for the pipe organ with other instrumental resources. Organ with trumpet, organ with string trio or chamber orchestra, organ with choir and synthesizer and even electronic tape. Michael Murray, Leonard Raver, Peter Hurford and others call on their colleagues to play works by Marcel Dupré, Thomas Augustin Arne, Monte Mason and J.S. Bach. It’s a scene with unlimited horizons; music for Organ Plus.