1975 Kuhn organ at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, NY

1975 Kuhn organ at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, NY

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#0212: Chips Off the Old Bach

There’s no denying his place as one of music’s grand masters. Even his name provides a motive for further exploration. On our next Pipedreams broadcast, we celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach with some adventuresome early works, several colorful arrangements of his works by other composers and a few pieces in modern mode which were inspired by his example. In his own time, he was a prime mover and has been an inspiration for musicians ever since. From Alice Tully Hall to Saint Wenzel’s Church in Naumburg, Robert Clark, Catharine Crozier, Barbara Harbach, Anthony Newman, and friends sweep through the workshop and find Chips off the Old Bach, this week on Pipedreams.

#0402: In Memoriam Catharine Crozier

…a tribute to one of America’s foremost recitalists and teachers, January 18, 1914 — September 19, 2003. Poise and brilliant playing were her hallmarks. They were evident at her national debut in 1942 and also in every recital presented during the next five decades. This week, we honor Catharine Crozier. She was an esteemed faculty member of the Eastman School, an internationally touring soloist, and an icon of integrity in her art. We'll hear Dr. Crozier in CD recordings and also in a remarkable recital performance from the Christian Science Mother Church in Boston, proving that she was still at the top of her form at age 76. We honor the life and memory of a revered teacher and organist of the top echelon.