1987 Marcussen & Søn organ at the Cathedral, Odense, Denmark

1987 Marcussen & Søn organ at the Cathedral, Odense, Denmark

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#0212: Chips Off the Old Bach

There’s no denying his place as one of music’s grand masters. Even his name provides a motive for further exploration. On our next Pipedreams broadcast, we celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach with some adventuresome early works, several colorful arrangements of his works by other composers and a few pieces in modern mode which were inspired by his example. In his own time, he was a prime mover and has been an inspiration for musicians ever since. From Alice Tully Hall to Saint Wenzel’s Church in Naumburg, Robert Clark, Catharine Crozier, Barbara Harbach, Anthony Newman, and friends sweep through the workshop and find Chips off the Old Bach, this week on Pipedreams.

#0213: He is Risen!

Choirs and instruments together celebrate the Easter Festival on our next Pipedreams program, a joyous collection of music for the Spring Awakening. Gerre Hancock leads the singers from Saint Thomas Church in New York City, Davitt Morony explores early 17th century French works, while David Fuller and friends present an entire organ symphony on an Easter theme. Tendrils of tone waft heavenward as we rejoice in the reawakening energy of spring with works by Widor and Bach, plus contemporary improvisations and fantasies with a new vision. Verses and variations, fantasies and festivity, everything from Gregorian chants to electric guitars blend their songs in an uplifting surge He is Risen a resurrection rouser, this week on Pipedreams.

#0250: Prepare the Way

It is a procession of hope, a progression from darkness into light, the weeks of Advent anticipation. But this week, we’ll rush the season a bit, mixing music of joyful abandon with other scores perhaps just a bit reticent and watchful. Joel Martinson, John Rutter, William Mathias and Richard Purvis give fresh interpretation to prophetic scripture, while organists John Gowens, Guy Bovet, Richard Cummins and Frederick Hohman apply the King of Instruments to a celebration of the King of Kings. Poetic reflections and exuberant outbursts proclaim a holy season, with overriding hopes for peace on earth. With carols and anthems, preludes and dances, let instruments and choirs lift your spirits in anticipation of Christmas as we Prepare the Way.

#9713: A Blessing of Brahms

Both early and late in life, the special power of organ music spoke profoundly through the art of Johannes Brahms [1833-1897]. This centenary tribute includes it all. In his teens, while studying with Robert and Clara Schumann, Brahms thought of becoming a professional organist, but gave up the notion as being fiscally impractical. His four early works show that he well understood the instrument’s potential. His very last compositions, the Chorale-preludes, were dedicated to the memory of his lifelong friend, Clara Schumann. This program provides a sampler overview of available Brahms recordings, many of which individually emcompass Brahms’ complete works.