1990 Marcussen organ at the Norwegian College of Music, Oslo, Norway

1990 Marcussen organ at the Norwegian College of Music, Oslo, Norway

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Programs that feature this organ

#0025: Organ Plus

Even if we think we can take care of everything ourselves, all of us need a few friends, and this week’s Pipedreams program brings together the king of instruments and a variety of friendly collaborators. Of course, organs have plenty of their own flutes, but one more, blown by lungs rather than bellows, can add so much. We’ll hear also pieces for organ with piano, organ with chamber orchestra, organ and harp - now THAT’s a fine combination - and the great energy-maker organ and brass. Joan DeVee Dixon, Steven Egler, Frances Shelly, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Jon Gillock and others show what a harmonious relationship is all about.

#0721: Archive of Organ Plus

…another exploration of the remarkable repertoire for pipe organ in consort with other instruments and voices. It’s all about collegiality. On our next Pipedreams program, the organ teams up with all sorts of friends including it’s keyboard cousin, the piano, plus other brassy relations –the trumpet and trombone. You’ll hear a little lullaby for organ and harp, a haunting fantasy for organ and electronic-tape that is amazingly effective plus a transcription of an orchestral tone poem by Franz Liszt, a spicy Baroque Concerto by Michel Corrette, and a lusty march by Alexandre Guilmant. Think variety organ with trumpet, organ with trombone, organ with choir, or harp, or piano, or symphony orchestra, even organ with electronic tape. We’re going to set aside all churchly implications and team up with many instrumental friends. Think beyond the box. Organ Plus, this week on Pipedreams.