1907 Hutchings-Votey organ at Saint James’ Cathedral, Seattle, Washington

1907 Hutchings-Votey organ at Saint James’ Cathedral, Seattle, Washington

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#0120: Going On Record

There’s something for everyone on our next Pipedreams broadcast. We’ll feature everything from charming Renaissance dances played on a restored instrument from the early 1500s to an improvised waltz that’s only a few months old. Our sampler of current CDs includes the sound of the largest church organ in New England and works by Bach played on an instrument from his time and territory. We’ll light up the dawn with a poem perfectly fitted to a venerable Skinner organ in one of Detroit’s once-fine neighborhoods, reminisce about the early days of Pipedreams broadcasts with a piece we premiered here, and savor the splendor of a Vierne Symphonic Finale played in grand manner on a near-perfect organ in Toulouse. From Dupré to Dirksen, and Willan to Walton, it’s a variety sampler of the best new organ compact discs, with profound preludes, delicious dances, and scintillating sorties. To keep up with the recent and the remarkable, we’re Going On Record with new releases in review, this week on Pipedreams.

#0203: Going On Record

We explore a world of opportunity on our next Pipedreams program. This is a kind of golden age, as never before has there been quite so much music available on compact disc. We’ll sample from among the most recent issues, including this delicious movement for violin, cello and organ by Rheinberger. We’ll also have the work of little-know Viennese composer Robert Fuchs, played at Saint Stefan’s Cathedral, Vienna, by Peter Planyavsky some Brahms Variations by Marcel Dupré, in a first recording, the latest from the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia, just a tantalizing taste, and pieces by Bach and his favorite pupil, Krebs, recorded very stylishly on historic instruments in Germany. From simple Bach for only two parts well, not SO simple to the sound of the largest functional musical instrument on the planet, we select from among the best new compact discs and provide you with a consumer’s alert. A review of what’s new, we’re Going on Record, this week on Pipedreams.

#0222: Earning the Prize

We delight in young talent and celebrate in Seattle on our next Pipedreams program, with highlights of four exceptional players whose award-winning potential bodes well for the organ’s future. Rising stars and Paul Jacobs, though still in their early 20s, have already proven themselves. We hear them in recital at Church of the Epiphany. National AGO Improvisation Competition winner Justin Bischof whips up a storm at Saint James Cathedral, and Interpretation Competition winner Ji-yoen Choi demonstrates her skill on the famous Flentrop organ at Saint Mark’s Cathedral. They are our beacons, shining into the future of the organ art award winning young recitalists in concert in Seattle for the American Guild of Organists, working towards Earning the Prize this week on Pipedreams.

#0327: Flor Samples

Belgian master, Flor Peeters, had a remarkable career. He promoted neither a slavish adherence to tradition, nor provoked any revolution, but during his more than six decades as a cathedral organist, teacher and composer, he blended the influences of Germany and France with a typically Flemish love for color and form. We salute his talents while celebrating his centenary with performances of solos, songs, and even a symphonic concerto. Tune in and enjoy the works of Flor Peeters, and some extra delightfully revealing Flor Samples.