Canadian organist Healey Willan.
Canadian organist Healey Willan.

A Healey Willan Tribute #8204

…choral and organ music by the ‘Dean of Canadian Composers’, to commemorate the centenary of his birth [1880-1968], recorded during the American Guild of Organist’s 1980 National Convention in Minnesota.

Part 1

HEALEY WILLAN: 5 Organ Preludes on Plainchant Melodies [1951]

HEALEY WILLAN: Prelude Number 1: Aeterna Christi munera

HEALEY WILLAN: 3 Motets to Our Lady: I Beheld Her; Fair in Face; Rise up my Love.

HEALEY WILLAN: Prelude Number 2 Christe, Redemptor omnium

HEALEY WILLANGloria Deo [1950]

HEALEY WILLAN: Prelude Number 3 Ecce jam noctis

HEALEY WILLAN: Missa Brevis Number 4 in E [1934]

HEALEY WILLAN: Prelude Number 4 Ave Maris Stella

HEALEY WILLANWhat is this lovely fragrance?

Part 2

HEALEY WILLAN: Prelude Number 5 Urbs Hierusalem beata

HEALEY WILLAN: 2 Christmas Songs of the 14th Century; Here we are in Bethleham; Hodie!

HEALEY WILLAN: Hymn-Anthem, O quanta qualia

HEALEY WILLAN: Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue for Organ

John Tuttle (1928 Welte; 1964 Möller; 1983 Gould & Sons/Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark, Minneapolis, MN) Elmer Iseler Singers, Elmer Iseler, conductor; recorded June 19, 1980