2012 Foley-Baker (utilizing pipes from Welte (1928), Aeolian-Skinner (1958), Möller (1964) and Gould & Sons (1983) at the Episcopal Cathedral of Saint mark, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Programs that feature this organ

#0141: Partita Time

Our next Pipedreams program explores the matter of multiples, those collections of musical movements which fall under the term partita. They might be variations on a chant theme, psalm tune or popular song, or just a suite of delicious diversions. In every case they give the player an ordered opportunity to strut their stuff and us the chance to hear the lovely colors of which fine pipe organs are capable. At cathedrals in Altenberg and Saint Louis, or village churches in Kiedrich or Zella-Mehlis, though the addresses are unusual, the sonic surprises are of top quality. Investigate the entertaining and honorable tradition of keyboard variations, good tunes all dressed up with somewhere to go. Klaas Bolt, Mary Beth Bennett, Joseph Payne, and Philip Crozier set out the refreshments for a fun affair, as we get ready for Partita Time, this week on Pipedreams.

#0239: Hamburger Hotdish

When you’ve got it, flaunt it. As a center for trade and diplomacy, the seventeenth-century north German port of Hamburg was one of the most prosperous independent cultural centers of Europe. As a city, it supported composers like Scheidemann, Praetorius and Reincken who, in turn, provided the foundations of a German Baroque style. This week, we sample the musical life of this cosmopolitan Hanseatic center and hear some of the music and instruments for which the city was, and remains, famous. Guy Bovet, Douglas Bush, Gustav Leonhardt and Julia Brown play upon a proud cultural tradition, and we serve up delectible samples from our Hamburger Hotdish.