The 1693 Schnitger; 1993 Ahrend organ at Jacobi Kirche, Hamburg, Germany.
The 1693 Schnitger; 1993 Ahrend organ at Jacobi Kirche, Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburger Hotdish #0239

When you’ve got it, flaunt it. As a center for trade and diplomacy, the seventeenth-century north German port of Hamburg was one of the most prosperous independent cultural centers of Europe. As a city, it supported composers like Scheidemann, Praetorius and Reincken who, in turn, provided the foundations of a German Baroque style. This week, we sample the musical life of this cosmopolitan Hanseatic center and hear some of the music and instruments for which the city was, and remains, famous. Guy Bovet, Douglas Bush, Gustav Leonhardt and Julia Brown play upon a proud cultural tradition, and we serve up delectible samples from our Hamburger Hotdish.

HEINRICH SCHEIDEMANN: Praeambulum in d –Julia Brown (1976 Brombaugh/Central Lutheran, Eugene, OR) Naxos 8.554548

MATTHIAS WECKMANN: 3 verses of Gelobet seist du, Jesu ChristWolfgang Zerer (1693 Schnitger/Jacobikirche, Hamburg, Germany) Naxos 8.553849

J.S. BACH: 4 Chorale-preludes: Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf, S. 1092; Wer nur den lieben Gott, S. 691; Liebester Jesus, wir sind hier, S. 730/731; Fantasy in G, S. 572 –Douglas E. Bush (1693 Schnitger/Jacobikirche, Hamburg, Germany) Sanctus CD-11112

JOHANN ADAM REINCKEN: Toccata in G –Robert Bates (1995 Fritts/Memorial Church, Stanford University, Stanford, CA) David Yearsley (1984 C.B. Fisk/Memorial Church, Stanford University, CA) Loft LRCD-1008

J.S. BACH: Fantasia & Imitatio in a, S. 563; Sonata in a, S. 967 –Gustav Leonhardt (1693 Schnitger/Jacobikirche, Hamburg, Germany) Sony Classical SK 66 262

GUY BOVET: Hamburger TotentanzJohn Scott (1928 Welte; 1964 Möller; 1983 Gould & Sons/Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark, Minneapolis, MN) Pipedreams PD CD-1002

HIERONYMUS PRAETORIUS: Magnificat for Saint Michael’s Day –Weser-Renaissance Ensemble, Bremen, Manfred Cordes, conductor; Jörg Jacobi (1619 Evers/Warnfriedkirche, Osteel, Germany) cpo 999 649