Pipedreams' Greatest Hits #8705

…A collection of engaging and ear-catching moments from the program's archives.

RON NELSON: Pebble Beach Sojourn  Carole Terry; San Francisco Brass & Percussion Ensemble; Denis de Coteau (1971 Ruffatti/St. Mary Cathedral, San-Francisco, California)

WILLIAM BOLCOM: Gospel Prelude on What a Friend We Have in Jesus  Robert Anderson (1979 Sipe/Hennepin UMC, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Chorale Fantasy, Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein  David Craighead (1979 Fisk/Hoh, Saint Paul, Minnesota)

OLIVIER MESSIAEN: Outburst of Joy, fr Ascension  Louis Robilliard (1979 Fisk/Hoh, Saint Paul, Minnesota)

HERBERT HOWELLS: Anthem, Like as the hart  John Scott; St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London; Barry Rose (1949 Wicks/Basilica, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

George Wright (arr.): Nobody Does it Better  George Wright (The Hollywood Philharmonic Organ)

LEO SOWERBY: Fantasy for Flute Stops  Robert Rayfield (Aeolian-Skinner/National Presbyterian church, Indianapolis)

JEANNE DEMESSIEUX: Etude in Octaves  Peter Fennema (1960 Aeolian-Skinner/National Presbyterian, Washington DC)

J.S. BACH: Adagio, fr Trio Sonata in d  Harald Vogel (1702 Schnitger/Aakerk, Groningen, The_Netherlands)

DOMINICK ARGENTO: Hymn, Let All the World in Every Corner Sing  1980 AGO National Convention Service (1963 Casavant Frères/Central Lutheran, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

McNEIL ROBINSON: Improvisation on Argento's Hymn

This program's contents are derived from a special Pipedreams fundraiser project.