1980 Sipe organ at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, MN

1980 Sipe
1980 Sipe/Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, MN
Wikimedia Commons

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#0021: New Music from Minnesota

Contrary to the notion that the organ is old-fashioned, this week’s Pipedreams broadcast takes a look at organ repertoire today, with a sampler of some engaging and accessible modern compositions from the upper Midwest. Leonard Danek plays his little bouquet, Flowers, David Cherwin shows us some of his hymn-preludes, John Eggert discovers an amazingly diverse collection of styles right in his own backyard, and Diane Meredith Belcher premiere’s Libby Larsen’s Aspects of Glory at an Organists Guild Convention.

#0039: American Premieres

It’s about the adventure of discovery, the excitement of surprise. On the next Pipedreams program we explore recent works by mostly American composers, including a Concerto for Organ Solo, and a lyric Cantilena that sounds like a cool, slow jazz solo brought to church. For the kids, a funny, quasi-rap piece about Rex, the King of Instruments. Some people will do anything to get your attention, and our highlight is a stunning item for organ, strings and percussion which will knock your socks off. Don’t miss the great sounds, American Premieres, this week on Pipedreams. To learn more about Stephen Paulus and Norman Mackenzie, read Family Secret by Michael Barone.

#0230: Pageant!

We step out in a colorful procession in this week’s show by parading select works by American composers. You’ll hear everything from dances to gospel preludes. William Bolcom, Robert Elmore, Howard Hanson, Emma Lou Diemer and Leo Sowerby are just a few of the musicians represented, with works recorded in concert settings in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Rochester, NY, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our promenade builds from subtlety to strength. If you’ve considered the organ an old-world instrument, think again and join us for a celebration of new world sounds, a virtual Pageant.