ALAmericana #8441

…An appealing collection of new and not-so-new works for organ by American composers, recorded in concert.

EARLY AMERICAN MINIATURES: Airs, Voluntaries and Marches from Revolutionary Times  John Spong (1978 Sipe/Luther College, Decorah, Iowa)

PHILIP BAYLES: 2 Organ Preludes and Fugues  Terry Van Nelson (1972 Juergen Ahrend/University of Oregon, Eugene)

BRUCE SIMONDS: Dorian Prelude on Dies Irae  George Markey (1980 Moeller organ/Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

GARTH EDMUNDSON: Humoresque Fantastique. MYRON ROBERTS: Prelude and Trumpetings  Robert Scoggin (1967 Robert Sipe/Christ United Methodist Church, Rochester, Minnesota)

DANIEL PINKHAM: Man's Days are Like the Grass  John Obetz (1979 Sipe/Hennepin UMC, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

LEONARD DANEK: Three Meditations on the Gospel of Saint John (1983) (premiere)  Leonard Danek (1983 Karl Wilhelm organ/Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina, Minnesota)

Theme music from discs:

ANONYMOUS (arr. Charles McDermott): Medieval Motet Transcription, from the Robertsbridge Codex (1360)  Guy Bovet (1390 Anonymous/Basilica, Sion, Switzerland)

GERRY HANCOCK: Improvisation on America the Beautiful  Gerry Hancock (1968 Adams; 2005 Mann & Trupiano/St. Thomas, New-York, New York)

CHARLES IVES: America variations  Günther Kaunzinger (1977 Klais/Cathedral, Ingolstadt, Germany)