Hans Fagius sitting at the organ
Hans Fagius sitting at the organ

Hans Fagius Plays #8737

…The enterprising Swedish soloist performs at the Gustaf Vasa Church during the 1985 Stockholm Organ Festival.

J.S. BACH: Fantasia on Komm heiliger Geist, S. 651

JOHANN CHRISTIAN BACH: Duet in F, Op. 18, No. 6  with David Sanger –

J.S. BACH: Introduction and Fugue, from Cantata No. 21

Bach/Liszt: Adagio, from Violin Sonata in c, S. 1017

OTTO OLSSON: Prelude & Fugue in c-sharp, Op. 39


JEHAN ALAIN: Scherzo, from Suite for Organ

MAX REGER: Fantasy & Fugue on B-A-C-H, Op. 46