1912 Austin/Merrill Auditorium, City Hall, Portland
1912 Austin/Merrill Auditorium, City Hall, Portland

An Organist's Yearbook #8752

…With reflections on and forecasts of some matters of consequence in the world of the &ldqou;King of Instruments”.

Included are recordings of several historic and brand-new organs, plus a musical tip of the hat to the Olde Year Passed Away.

DUDLEY BUCK: On the Coast  Rosalind Mohnsen (1912 Austin/City Hall, Portland, Maine)

J.S. BACH: Praeludium in C, S. 531  Harald Vogel (1987 Jaeckel/ Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wausau, WI)

JEFFREY PRATER: Festival Celebration on the Chorale "Lobet den Herrn"  Iowa State University Winds; Lynn Zeigler-Dickson (1987 Brombaugh/University, Ames, Iowa)

JOHANNES BRAHMS: Chorus, "How lovely is Thy dwelling place". ROBERT HEBBLE: Heraldings  Frederick Swann; assisted by the church Sanctuary Choir (1987 Rodgers/Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX)

J.S. BACH: Canon at the Octave and Contrapunctus No. 9, from The Art of the Fugue  Walter Hilse (1981 Holtkamp/Park Avenue Christian Church, NYC)

OLIVIER MESSIAEN: Prayer before Communion, from The Book of the Holy Sacrement  Jon Gillock (Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC)

LOUIS VIERNE: Impromptu  electronic realization by Don Pribble

LUDWIG van BEETHOVEN: Scherzo, from Symphony No. 3  realized by the Boston University Symphonic Organ (player rolls)

ALEXANDER SCHREINER: Lyric Interlude  Alexander Schreiner (1948 Aeolian-Skinner/Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City)

EARL MILLER: Improvisation on "Auld Lang Syne"  Earl Miller (1979 Andover/Epiphany, Danville, Virginia)

HECTOR OLIVERA: Improvisation on "America the Beautiful"  Hector Olivera (1928 Kimball/Minneapolis Auditorium, MN)

All selections were recorded in concert (excepting Schreiner and Miller, which appear on LP discs).