1912 Austin; Kotzschmar Memorial Organ organ at Merrill Auditorium, Portland, Maine

1912 Austin; Kotzschmar Memorial Organ organ at Merrill Auditorium,...

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#0026: It’s the Maine Thing

It’s an exciting discovery. On beyond the rock-bound coast, the lobsters and L.L. Bean, the state of Maine is a state of musicorgan music, specifically, as we reveal during a Down East tour with the Organ Historical Society of intriguing instruments from Saco to Stockton Springs. Thomas Murray plays the famous Kotzschmar organ at Portland’s City Hall, Marvin Mills explores a century-old Jardine organ in Yarmouth, Brian Jones plays a march in Turner Village, and Dana Robinson and Paul Tegels go the four-hand route on the 140-year-old Hook instrument at Saint John’s Church in Bangor. Join host Michael Barone for this idyllic trip through the highways and byways of Maine.

#0124: The Maine Idea

On this week’s Pipedreams program, we’ll visit the far northeastern United States to listen to some historic organs in Maine. We’ll hear instruments from Lewiston, Newcastle, Augusta, and Bangor, where at Saint John’s Roman Catholic Church a superb 140-year-old instrument by the famous Hook Brothers of Boston still stirs the soul. Plus, we’ll stop by Merrill Auditorium at Portland’s City Hall where the recently renovated 1912 Kotzschmar Organ, America’s first municipal pipe organ, entertains thousands visitors each year. Ray Cornils, the Kotzschmar organist, shares some insights and spreads the word about special summer events keeping popular interest in the pipe organ alive throughout the state. From up north and down east, our music’s from the state of Maine. It’s The Maine Thing this week on Pipedreams.

#0129: Ring Those Bells!

We tug on the rope of opportunity during our next Pipedreams broadcast, and rejoice in the tintinabulation of bell music. Organ composers are not alone in finding the sounds of bells and chime themes irresistible. Our timeless collection embraces the French Baroque, the British Cathedral, and even the hills of Hollywood, where such diverse artists as George Wright, Simon Preston, George Thalben-Ball and Thomas Murray celebrate with clangorous abandon the creativity of Louis Vierne, Percy Faith, Frederick Delius, Edward Elgar, and many others, fourteen composers all told, who have written carillon compositions which will jangle your chimes. Church bells, tower bells, carillons, winter sleighrides and even a Brazilian vacation are conjured up this weeks music for the King of Instruments. “Ring Those Bells!” a clangorous collection, this week on Pipedreams.

#0148: Advent Anticipation

Seasons change, the days get shorter, and darkness seems more prevalent; it’s no wonder we become introspective at this time of year. Our next Pipedreams program plays with that theme, and the notion of expectation that comes as part of the package. Winter descends, and old chorales and chants for the season call out in earnestness and hope. We follow the Psalmist’s admonition and look to the hills for help. Is it all about hunger? In the end, music provides the key, and a dozen recitalists, plus choirs from Dallas, Texas; Bangor, Maine; Stockholm and Indianapolis ask the questions and resolve to find solutions—uncertainty, with a purpose, leads to an harmonious resolve. We acknowledge Advent Anticipation, this week on Pipedreams.

#0323: Summer Fun

It’s time to take the organ out of its religious context, and enjoy it out of doors at Balboa Park in San Diego. We’ll also visit other venues where summer concerts win new friends for the King of Instruments. From the Methuen Music Hall in Massachusetts to the Mormon Tabernacle, from Balboa Park in San Diego to the Berks County Museum in Pennsylvania, we celebrate a season of adventure and discovery, a sampler of seasonal recital venues coast to coast. It’s all about having some Summer Fun.