Photo–Georges Jansoone

Going On Record #8827

…Our potpourri covers a wide variety of musical types, performance styles and organ-building attitudes, with emphasis on an arresting listening experience.

HENRY PURCELL: Trumpet Tune. PADRE ANTONIO SOLER: Emperor's Fanfare  Michael Murray (Skinner organ/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC)

Muffat: Toccata post Elevationem  Michael Radulescu (1714 Sieber/Michaelerkirche, Vienna, Austria)

Arnold Bax: Magnificat  Gloucester Cathedral Choir; John Sanders, conductor; Mark Blatchley, organ

HERBERT HOWELLS: Preludio "Sine Nomine"  Robert Benjamin Dobey (1892 Roosevelt; 1980 Schantz/Cathedral, Syracuse, New_York)

Stravinsky (trans, John): Circus Polks  Keith John (1981 Kleuker/Chant Doiseau, Brussels, Belgium)

Anonymous: The Montreal Organ Book  Rejean Poirier (Cathedral of Aveyron, France)

PAUL HINDEMITH: Organ Concerto (1962)  Anton Heiller, organ; Austrian Radio Sym/Milan Horvat

Gigout: Toccata in b  Eugene Gigout (via Welte organ rolls)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Chorale-Improvisations, Op. 65 (selected)  Wolfgang Stockmeier (1981 Lobback/Herz Jesu, Bremerhaven-Lehe, Germany)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Organ Music (Vol. 3)  Wolfgang Stockmeier

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Cathedral Windows, Op. 106  Stefan Bleicher (Beuron Arch Abbey organ)

Harry Ruby & Rube Bloom: Give Me the Simple Life  Ashley Miller (Wurlitzer, Hollywood studio)

Edward Kleban & Marvin Hamlisch: One, from A Chorus Line  Dwight Thomas (Paramount Music Palace, Indianapolis)

Meyer: Pfeifermarsch  Hannes Meyer, organ

LOUIS VIERNE: Organ Symphonies (Vol. 2)  Günther Kaunzinger (Waldsassen Basilica)