1714 Sieber organ at Michaelerkirche, Vienna, Austria

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#0134: Archive of An Austrian Succession

It’s a mini tour of four centuries of musical life in an around Vienna on our next Pipedreams broadcast. We include works by Mozart, of course, also some by his illustrious predecessors Kerll, Muffat, and Wagenseil, and some by those who followed after, too. We’ll visit historic Klosterneuberg Monastery and Saint Michael’s Church plus at least one instrument which Mozart himself played, we’ll offer a tiny tribute to Franz Schubert, and we’ll dance away our cares to a Strauss Waltz. Tune in to enjoy works by Kerll and Muffat, Schubert and Strauss, Radulescu, Wagenseil, and Mozart, as we follow the trail of An Austrian Succession, this week on Pipedreams.