Skinner-Casavant-Tellers organ/Fountain Street Baptist Church
Skinner-Casavant-Tellers organ/Fountain Street Baptist Church

Different Strokes #8935

…Some old favorites and other surprises reveal a delicious diversity for which the organ –music, instruments and performers –is legendary.

Campra: "Rigaudon"  Lynn Larsen (Skinner-Casavant-Tellers organ/Fountain Street Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Campra: "Rigaudon"  E. Power Biggs (Moeller organ/St. George's Church, NYC)

PADRE ANTONIO SOLER: "The Emperor's Fanfare". LOUIS VIERNE: Prelude in d. HENRY PURCELL: "Trumpet Tune"  Michael Murray (1953 Aeolian-Skinner organ/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC)

J.S. BACH: Prelude in d, S. 539  Michael Murray (1987 Kney organ/College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota)

HENRY PURCELL: Voluntary for Double Organ. G.F. HANDEL: "Awake the Trumpet's Lofty Sound", from "Samson"  Simon Preston (Lubeck Cathedral, Laeuben Brass Ensemble)

Bingham: "Roulade". J.S. BACH: "Air", from Suite No. 3 in D. HENRY PURCELL: "Trumpet Tune"  Ted Alan Worth (1926 Austin, the Curtis Sesquicentennial Exposition organ/University of Pennsylvania)

Zipoli: Canzona in F. Martini: Sonata in F. Petrali: Versets, from "Messe Solennelle"  Rene Saorgin (1807 Serassi and 1847 Lingiardi organs in southern France)

Dunstable: "Agincourt Hymn"  Michael Murray (St. John the Divine)

JOHN WEAVER: Passacaglia on a Theme by Dunstable  Christopher Herrick (1871 Henry Willis; 1924; 1933 Harrison & Harrison; 2004 Mander/Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom)

WALTHER: Concerto in b. HENRY PURCELL: "Trumpet Voluntary"  John Balka (1971 Ruffatti/St. Mary Cathedral, San-Francisco, California)