Mechanic's Marvel
Mechanic's Marvel

Mechanic's Marvel #8944

…A tribute to the 125-year-old Hook organ at the historic Mechanic's Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts. Primary performer is recitalist Gilian Weir, who was taped during the Fuller International Festival in Worcester in 1985. The Thunderstorm, played by David Craighead, is part of a Mechanic's Hall souvenir album.

FRANZ LISZT: Fantasy & Fugue on B-A-C-H  Dame Gillian Weir

Thomas Philando Ryder: the Thunderstorm, Op. 108  David Craighead

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Allegro decisio, from Evocation, Op. 37  Dame Gillian Weir

CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR: Organ Symphony No. 10 (Romane)  Dame Gillian Weir

PETR EBEN: Walpurgisnacht, from Faust  Dame Gillian Weir

HENRI MULET: Rosace, from Esquisses Byzantines. JOSEPH BONNET: Elfes. JOSEPH JONGEN: Toccata  Dame Gillian Weir