For One or Two to Play
For One or Two to Play

For One or Two to Play #8729

…Solos and duets by Carole Terry, Timothy Nickel and Nancy LeRoi performed on the spectacular Fritts-Richards organ of Saint Alphonsus Church, Seattle

J.S. BACH: Prelude and Fugue in f, S. 534


Nicholas Carlston: A Verse

LUDWIG van BEETHOVEN: Adajio for a Flute-Clock

Johann Albrechtsberger: Prelude and Fugue in Bb

J.S. BACH: Trio sonata No. 4 in e, S. 528

Schubert: Fugue in e, D. 952

FRANZ LACHNER: Introduction and Fugue in d, Op. 62

FRANK FERKO: Chant de Etoiles (1984)

KENNETH LEIGHTON: Martyrs; Dialogues on a Scottish Psalm-Tune, Op. 73

This 33-stop mechanical-action instrument, situated in a supportive, resonant acoustic, must rank as one of the nation's special musical treasures. Rebroadcast as program number #9039 on 1990-09-24