The organ of the Altenberg Cathedral was built in 1980.
The organ of the Altenberg Cathedral was built in 1980.
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In Quiet Joy #9749

Celebratory compositions in a variety of dynamic levels on Christmas themes.

HERMANN SCHROEDER: Chorale-prelude, In dulci jubilo, Opus 11, number 2. SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Chorale-fantasy, In dulci jubilo, Opus 75, number 2 –Paul Wisskirchen (1980 Klais/Altenberger Dom, Germany) Prezioso CD-800.011

GEOFFREY BUSH (arranged by Peart): I saw three ships. Milford: Pastoral Dance on On Christmas NightJames Kibbie (1955 Aeolian-Skinner/Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI) Praestant CD-1004

J.S. BACH: Sinfonia, from The Christmas Oratorio. ANDREW CARTER: Toccata, Veni EmmanuelKevin Bowyer (1986 Mander/Chichester Cathedral, England, UK) Nimbus NI 7711

CHARLES TOURNEMIRE: Suite for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from L’Orgue Mystique, Opus 55, number 1 –Gregorian Singers, Monte Mason, conductor; Christopher Young (1949 Wicks/Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, MN) Pipedreams Archive recording

THEODOR GRÜNBERGER: Pastorale. FRANZ LEHRNDORFER: Improvisation on In dulci jubiloFranz Lehrndorfer (1994 Georg Jann/Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany) Celestial Harmonies CD-13090