1980 Klais organ at Altenberg Cathedral in Altenberg, Germany

1980 Klais organ at Altenberg Cathedral in Altenberg, Germany

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Programs that feature this organ

#0141: Partita Time

Our next Pipedreams program explores the matter of multiples, those collections of musical movements which fall under the term partita. They might be variations on a chant theme, psalm tune or popular song, or just a suite of delicious diversions. In every case they give the player an ordered opportunity to strut their stuff and us the chance to hear the lovely colors of which fine pipe organs are capable. At cathedrals in Altenberg and Saint Louis, or village churches in Kiedrich or Zella-Mehlis, though the addresses are unusual, the sonic surprises are of top quality. Investigate the entertaining and honorable tradition of keyboard variations, good tunes all dressed up with somewhere to go. Klaas Bolt, Mary Beth Bennett, Joseph Payne, and Philip Crozier set out the refreshments for a fun affair, as we get ready for Partita Time, this week on Pipedreams.

#0219: Archive of Organ Plus

It’s a sophisticated gathering of friendly collaborators and the King of Instruments on this week’s Pipedreams program. We’ll feature five centuries of repertoire, for organ and saxophone, organ and trumpet, organ and flute, organ with choir and brass ensemble, in works by Duke Ellington, Claude Debussy, Henk Badings, J.S. Bach, Giovanni Gabrieli…really an all-star cast. We’ll also play around with some oddities, too, a very old piece written for the organ to be played along with the tolling church bell, and a wonderfully zesty concerto by Michel Corrette, proving that Handel wasn’t alone in knowing that pipes and chamber orchestra make a superb package. Organ and Chamber Orchestra are among the many pleasureful pairings of pipes. Get yourself a real earful, with Organ Plus, this week on Pipedreams.

#0245: An Invitation to Dance

It’s not every day that Bach’s Royal Instrument gets up and jigs, but in this week’s show the rambunctious rhythms will make very difficult for you to sit still. Whether from an Italian Renaissance chapel or a Baptist Church in Ohio, our music includes everything from Pavans to Rumbas. The music is so enlivening that two of the instruments actually play themselves. Don’t be a wallflower. Groove to Cuban rhythms, an English Bolero, a Viennese Rumba and many other exciting and exotic examples of why your ideas about the pipe organ may need updating. Put on your dancing shoes and join us on the floor!

#0327: Flor Samples

Belgian master, Flor Peeters, had a remarkable career. He promoted neither a slavish adherence to tradition, nor provoked any revolution, but during his more than six decades as a cathedral organist, teacher and composer, he blended the influences of Germany and France with a typically Flemish love for color and form. We salute his talents while celebrating his centenary with performances of solos, songs, and even a symphonic concerto. Tune in and enjoy the works of Flor Peeters, and some extra delightfully revealing Flor Samples.