1863; 1976 Akerman & Lund Organ at Katarina Church, Stockholm, Sweden.
1863; 1976 Akerman & Lund Organ at Katarina Church, Stockholm, Sweden.

Archive of Organ Plus #0219

It’s a sophisticated gathering of friendly collaborators and the King of Instruments on this week’s Pipedreams program. We’ll feature five centuries of repertoire, for organ and saxophone, organ and trumpet, organ and flute, organ with choir and brass ensemble, in works by Duke Ellington, Claude Debussy, Henk Badings, J.S. Bach, Giovanni Gabrieli…really an all-star cast. We’ll also play around with some oddities, too, a very old piece written for the organ to be played along with the tolling church bell, and a wonderfully zesty concerto by Michel Corrette, proving that Handel wasn’t alone in knowing that pipes and chamber orchestra make a superb package. Organ and Chamber Orchestra are among the many pleasureful pairings of pipes. Get yourself a real earful, with Organ Plus, this week on Pipedreams.

CONRAD PAUMANN: Redeuntes in mi, from Buxheimer Orgelbuch [1460] –Harald Vogel (1457 Harmannus/Reformierte Kirche [Reformed Church], Rysum, Germany) Ars Musici AM-0939

GIULIO SEGNI: Ricercari Numbers 7 & 19, from Willaert’s Musica Nova [1540] –Danilo Lorenzini, hc; Giuseppe Azzarelli & Antonio Eros Negri (anonymous 17th c. chamber organ) Stradivarius CD-33355

GIOVANNI GABRIELI: Intonation on the 1st Tone; Motet, Plaudite, psalite –Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble; Texas Boys Choir; Gregg Smith Singers, Vittorio Negri, conductor; E. Power Biggs (1967 Rieger/Cathedral of San Marco, Venice, Italy) CBS Masterworks MK 42645

JEAN-FRANÇOIS DANDRIEU: Magnificat Verses –Ensemble Alternatim, Jean-Yves Haymoz, conductor; Michel Chapuis (1754 Riepp/Collegiate Church, Dole, France) Euromuses CD-2018

MICHEL CORRETTE: Organ Concerto Number 2 in A –Concerto Rococo; Jean-Patrice Brosse (1982 Lacroix/Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, France) Pierre Verany 793113

CLAUDE DEBUSSY: Reverie –Manfred Wordtmann, sax; Hans Martin Limberg (1980 Klais/Altenberger Dom, Germany) FSM CD-97206

DUKE ELLINGTON: Sophisticated Lady –Anders Paulsson, sax; Harry Huff (1976 Akerman & Lund/Katarina Church, Stockholm, Sweden) LCM CD-117

ANDRÉ FLEURY: March –Georges Wansek, trumpet; Luca Antoniotti (1853 Beaucourt & Voegeli/Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Saint-Jean-de-Maurienn, France) Cybelia CD-1101

J.S. BACH: Organ Concerto in d, S. 1059a –Ensemble Parlement de Musique, Martin Gester, conductor; André Isoir (1990 Westenfelder/Église Saint-Macre de Fere-en-Tardenois, France) Calliope CD-9720

HENK BADINGS: Dialogues for Flute and Organ [1967] –Gunilla von Bahr, fl; Hans Fagius (1975 Christensen/Domkyrka, Härnösands, Sweden) BIS-CD-160