Guy Bovet is a swiss organist and composer.
Guy Bovet is a swiss organist and composer.
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It’s a“Guy”Thing #0208

Maybe it’s just a matter of doing things HIS way, or wanting to shake the dust off and step beyond hallowed tradition. On our next Pipedreams program, I visit with Swiss recitalist and composer Guy Bovet, for whom the organ offers every imaginable opportunity for expression and adventure. Whether in a beguiling tribute to the city of Salamanca, or the first inventory of the historic organs of Mexico, whether involved in an important restoration, or tickling us with a ‘rediscovered’ Mozart Bolero, or making pipes play jazz, Guy Bovet blends serious intentions and wry humor in a very special way. We’re never quite clear about his destination when we start out, but when you travel with a certain Swiss organist you’re guaranteed an adventure amidst historic instruments and unusual repertoire, all produced with rare insight and good humor. It’s a “Guy” Thing, this week on Pipedreams.

J.S. BACH: Prelude in d, S. 1001

MICHEL CORRETTE: Concert de Flutes, from Magnificat


GUY BOVET: Fugue, from Concerto for Positive and Chamber Orchestra

ALBERT ALAIN: Au Temps de Noël

ANTOIO de CABEZON: Pavana con su glosa

MIGUEL BERNAL-JIMENEZ: Obra de primer tono, de tiple


GUY BOVET: Salamanca, Prelude Number 1, from Trois Preludes Hambourgeois

GUY BOVET: 4 Pieces: Toccata [1963]; Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele; Ricercare; Le Bolero du Divin Mozart

GUY BOVET: Hamburg, Prelude Number 3, from Trois Preludes Hambourgeois


During the course of our program, Messr. Bovet will play on these instruments:

(1996 Saint Martin Organ Works/Collegiate Church, Neuchatel, Switzerland) Gallo CD-987

(1993 Woehl/St. Petrikirche, Cuxhaven, Germany) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 320.0675

(1390 Anonymous/Basilica of Valere, Sion, Switzerland) Gallo CD-038

(1560 Luis/Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain) Valois CD-4650

(1982 Bedient/Ripon College, WI) recorded October 4, 1994

He’ll also showcase the organ which Albert Alain built for his family’s home near Paris but now relocated to Romainmotier, Switzerland; Gallo CD-835

Recordings are available from the Organ Historical Society