1996 Saint-Martin organ at the Collegiale Church in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1996 Saint-Martin organ at the Collegiale Church in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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#0208: It’s a“Guy”Thing

Maybe it’s just a matter of doing things HIS way, or wanting to shake the dust off and step beyond hallowed tradition. On our next Pipedreams program, I visit with Swiss recitalist and composer Guy Bovet, for whom the organ offers every imaginable opportunity for expression and adventure. Whether in a beguiling tribute to the city of Salamanca, or the first inventory of the historic organs of Mexico, whether involved in an important restoration, or tickling us with a ‘rediscovered’ Mozart Bolero, or making pipes play jazz, Guy Bovet blends serious intentions and wry humor in a very special way. We’re never quite clear about his destination when we start out, but when you travel with a certain Swiss organist you’re guaranteed an adventure amidst historic instruments and unusual repertoire, all produced with rare insight and good humor. It’s a “Guy” Thing, this week on Pipedreams.

#0319: Going on Record

From sprightly Renaissance dances to grandious concertos, this week’s show celebrates the many diverse elements that make organ music so remarkable. The fact that this instrument dates from the 16th century adds a sense of history. Beyond that, however, style, emotion, and compositional and mechanical ingenuity all play a part in creating an art filled that creates a multi-faceted experience ranging from restraint to rejoicing. Whether in a charming transcription, an anthem accompaniment, or a zesty concert finale, the king of instruments does it all. Discover it yourself as we listening to recently released compact discs from around the world. We’re Going On Record.