1965 Schlicker organ at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1965 Schlicker organ at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The American Muse #0918

…an ongoing tribute to some of our native composers who know how best to exploit the pipe organ’s colors and agility.

Hour 1

PAUL MANZ: Hymn Improvisation Suite in C: O wondrous type!; All glory, laud and honor; O day full of grace; O sacred head; God the father, be our stay; Praise and thanksgiving; Jesus Christ is risenPaul Manz (1965 Schlicker/Mount Olive Lutheran, Minneapolis, MN) Manz Music CD-922

LOUIS MOONDOG HARDIN: Logrundr XVIII –Paul Jordan (1987 Karl Schuke/Anderson Center, SUNY-Binghamton, NY) Spectrum 1001

TIMOTHY ALBRECHT: Grace Notes Suite in C: A mighty fortress; Joy to the world; Have no fear, little rock; All glory, laud and honorTimothy Albrecht (1982 Casavant Frères/Glenn Memorial Auditorium, Emory University, Atlanta, GA) ACA Digital 20093

ROBERT J. POWELL: 3 Pieces: Jubilate Deo; Salve, sancta parens; Nova, nova; Lauda anima –Aurora Brass Quintet; Christ Church Choir; Edie Johnson (2001 Goulding & Wood/Christ Episcopal, Greenville, SC) Goulding & Wood 2002

DALE WOOD: Prelude on Amazing GraceJohn Near (1949 Aeolian-Skinner/Boston’s First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA) Raven OAR-620

PAMELA DECKER: Tango Toccata on a Theme by Melchoir Vulpius –Pamela Decker (1965 Flentrop/Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark, Seattle, WA) Loft LRCD-1053

Filler –PAUL MANZ: O day full of grace (see above)

Hour 2

RICHARD WAYNE DIRKSEN: Anthem, Sing, ye faithfulChoir of Trinity Church, Brian Jones, conductor; H. Ross Wood (1962 Aeolian-Skinner/Trinity Church, Boston, MA) Dorian DOR 93191

GERALD NEAR: Passacaglia –David Chalmers (1939 Hill, Norman & Beard/St. Andrew’s Church, Chesterton, England, UK) Gloria Dei Cantores 006

EDWIN T. CHILDS: 3 Hymn Fantasies: The God of Abraham praise; Jesus, lover of my soul; O God, our help in ages pastBrenda Heck Portman (1992 Schantz/College Church, Wheaton, IL) Hesed Music 3

DON HANNAH: Variations on Aberystwyth, premiere –Paul Hesselink (2006 Beckerath/Doc Rando Hall, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV) Pipedreams Archive recorded February 8, 2009

DIANE BISH: Introduction, Theme and Variations on All creatures of our god and kingDiane Bish (2004 Ruffatti/First Presbyterian, Naples, FL) Joy of Music 2004

Filler –EDWIN T. CHILDS: The God of Abraham praise (see above)


We dedicate this program to Dr. Paul O. Manz on the occasion of his 90 th birthday, May 10, 1919. Congratulations, Paul!

Pipedreams #0114 A Portrait of Paul Manz, is a full show devoted to Dr. Manz’ music and commentary.