1982 Casavant at Glenn Auditorium, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

1982 Casavant at Glenn Auditorium, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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#0151: An American Organist’s Christmas

A rose blooms out of season on a winter morning. The Brightest and Best stars show up in the “Company at the Creche.” Images, scenes, and personalities such asa these are present in our next Pipedreams program. It’s a showcase for the work of composers here in the United States, giving a sense of home and place to this international festival. Timothy Albrecht plays grace notes at Emory University, Nancy Whipkey leads her Ascension Children’s Choir in a cantata by Daniel Pinkham, Allison Luedecke and Robert Gallagher stir the echoes at Saint John’s Cathedral in Milwaukee, and Craig Cansler and the Choir of Saint Philip’s in Atlanta celebrates the work of Charles Beaudrot. Our torch lights up the manger scene in Bethlehem, and who do we see there but a circle of composers from the United States, celebrating the holiday with their special gifts. Tune in for An American Organist’s Christmas, this week on Pipedreams.

#0248: In Concert

There is nothing like the spontaneity of a live performance. In most cases, you simply had to have been there. To help the rest of us out, this week’s show brings the thrill of it all to our door. Savor the excitement when young virtuoso Raina Wood plays at Emory University, when John Ogasapian explores byways of American music at Saint Thomas Church, New York, and when the duet team of Dee Ann Crossley and Nancy Lancaster make the House of Hope Fisk organ in Saint Paul really sing. All of our music was recorded In Concert and you’ll hear it as it happened.