1871 Henry Willis; 1933 Harrison; 2004 Mander/Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK.
1871 Henry Willis; 1933 Harrison; 2004 Mander/Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK.
Colin / Wikimedia Commons

From Colleges, Castles and Cathedrals #1039

…the splendid sounds of organs in the United Kingdom resonate with pleasurable grandeur.

Hour 1

FRANCIS JACKSON: Fanfare, Opus 18 –Colin Walsh (1898 Henry Willis/Lincoln Cathedral, England, UK) Priory DVD-4

MALCOLM BOYLE: Anthem, Thou, o God, art praised in SionEton College Choir, Ralph Allwood, conductor; David Goode (1902 Hill/Eton College Chapel, Eton, England, UK) Signum 115

JOHN STANLEY: Voluntary in D, Opus 6, number 6 –Margaret Phillips (1743 Griffin/St. Helen, Bishopsgate, London, Englan, UK) Regent 190

GEOFFREY BUSH: Trumpet March –Christopher Dearnley (1872 Henry Willis; 1992 Mander/Cathedral of St. Paul, London, England, UK) Priory PRCD5037

HERBERT HOWELLS: Allegro scherzando, from 6 Short Pieces; Anthem, I love all beauteous things; Allegro impetuoso, from 6 Short Pieces –Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Judy Martin, conductor; Tristan Russcher (1887 Gran & Davidson/St. Bartholomew Church, Dublin, Ireland) Signum 151

HAROLD DARKE: Chorale Prelude on a Theme of Tallis, Opus 20, number 3 –Peter Dyke (1933 Henry Willis & Sons; 2004 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England, UK) Priory PRCD1029

DAVID HALLS: JubilateGirls Choristers & Lay Clerks of Salisbury Cathedral, David Halls, conductor; Daniel Cook (1876 Henry Willis/Salisbury Cathedral, England, UK) Priory PRCD1033

GARTH EDMUNDSON: Toccata, Vom Himmel hochIan Tracey (1926 Henry Willis & Sons/Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, England, UK) Priory DVD-1

Filler –JOHN STANLEY (see above)

Hour 2

PETER HURFORD: 2 Dialogues –John Sanders (1898 Henry Willis; 1971 Hill, Norman & Beard; 1999 Nicholson/Gloucester Cathedral, England, UK) Priory PRCD932

NOEL RAWSTHORNE: Dance Suite –Joseph Nolan (1855 Gray & Davidson; 2002 Drake/Buckingham Palace Ballroom, London, England, UK) Signum 114

EDWARD BAIRSTOW: Sonata Number 1 in G –Geoffrey Hannant (1970 Nicholson/Cathedral of St. Edmundsbury, England, UK) Priory PRCD6011

PHILIP STOPFORD: Te DeumThe Ecclesium Choir, Philip Stopford, conductor; Tim Noon (Copeman-Hart/Keble College Chapel, Oxford, England, UK) Priory PRCD832

WILLIAM MATHIAS: Carillon (1989) –Jonathan Vaughan (1857 Henry Willis; 1974 Harrison & Harrison/Wells Cathedral, England, UK) Hyperion CDA67740

Filler –GARTH EDMUNDSON (see above)