15th century da Prato organ at the Basilica di San Petronio [Basilica of Saint Petronio], Bologna, Italy.
15th century da Prato organ at the Basilica di San Petronio [Basilica of Saint Petronio], Bologna, Italy.

A Dozen Will Do #1038

…modest instruments can achieve maximal satisfaction, as proven by these organs which posses no more than twelve stops each.

Hour 1

MARC ANTONIO CAVAZZONI: Ricercare –Ingemar Melchersson (1475 da Prato/Basilica di San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) Christophorus CHR 77141

HEINRICH FINCK: Ich wird erlostFlorian Pagitsch (1613 Rottenburger/Filialkirche, Torren, Austria) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 319 0990

J.S. BACH: Fugue Number 1, from The Art of FugueLuc Beauséjour (1866 Mitchell & Forté/Église du Gesu, Montréal, Québec, Canada) OHS CD-99

JOHANN PACHELBEL: Magnificat Fugue Number 11. BALDASSARE GALUPPI: Allegro, from Sonata in d –Catherine Todorovski (1876 Warren/St. George Anglican Church, Clarenceville, Québec, Canada) OHS CD-99

SIETZE de VRIES: Improvised Variations on Ave Maria zartSietze de Vries (2002 Kögler/Parish Church, Waldhausen, Germany) Kögler 0708

JOSEPH JONGEN: Menuet-Scherzo, Opus 53, number 2; ALEXANDRE-PIERRE FRANÇOIS BOËLY: Fantasy and Fugue in B-flat –Leonhard Amselgruber (1905 Mutin-Cavaillé-Coll/Zaitzkofen Seminary, Germany) Psallite CD-60331

J.S. BACH: Organ Concerto in D, BWV 1053 –Insieme Strumentale di Roma, Giorgio Sasso, conductor; Salvatore Carchiolo (1999 Deblieck portative) Stradivarius CD-33825

Filler –JOSEPH JONGEN (see above)

Hour 2

J.S. BACH: Christ, der du bist der helle Tag, BWV 1120 –Michael Schönheit (18th c. Anonymous/Siechhofkapelle, Ohrdruf, Germany) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 319 0552

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Toccata in G –Wolfgang Baumgratz (1679 Richborn/Parish Church, Møgeltønder, Denmark) Dabringhaus und Grimm MDG 319 0913

PIETRO YON: L’organo Primitivo. CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD: Allegro, Number 6, from Short Preludes and Postludes –Grant Helmers (1883 Hook & Hastings/St. Matthew Episcopal Church, Hillsborough, NC) OHS CD-01

EDWARD d’EVRY: NocturnetteMary Gifford, organ. RUDOLPH BERGER: Amoureuse –roll-player mechanism (1914 Kimball/Messiah Baptist, Denver, CO) OHS CD-98

CHARLES QUEF: Noël Parisien, Opus 26, number 4 –Will Headlee (1902 Hook & Hastings/Old Stone Congregational, Lyons, CO) OHS CD-98

LUDWIG van BEETHOVEN: Minuet in C –Franz Haselböck (1640 Anonymous/St. Michael in der Wachau, Austria) KKM 3071

JOHANN KASPAR KERLL: 3 Pieces in C: Scaramuza, Ciaconna and Canzona –Léon Berben (1714 König/St. Leodegar Monastery, Niederehe, Germany) Aeolus AE10441

MAX REGER: Ave Maria, Opus 80, number 5 –David Macfarlane (1903 Austin/The Gardens at St. Elizabeth’s, Denver, CO) OHS CD-98

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Allegro, Chorale and Fugue in D –Regis Rousseau (1900 Casavant Frères/Église de l’Annonciation, Oka, Québec, Canada) OHS CD-99

Filler –LUDWIG van BEETHOVEN (see above)

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