Wilma Jensen
Wilma Jensen

Wonder Woman Wilma #1408

…a celebration, on the occasion of her 85th birthday, of the art, the music, and the indomitable spirit of one of Nashville’s great performers and classy ladies, Wilma Jensen.

Hour 1

JEAN LANGLAISHymne d’Actions de graces (Te Deum), fr Trois paraphrases gregoriennesHERBERT HOWELLSRhapsody No. 1 in D-flat, Op. 17MARILYN BIERY:  Prelude on Come down o love divineWilma Jensen (1963 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 9/29/09)

ALEXANDER RUSSELLThe Citadel at Quebec, fr St. Lawrence SketchesWilma Jensen (1986 Casavant/St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN) Pro Organo 7186

AARON DAVID MILLLEROrgan Preludes on Folk Songs (Afton Water; Kelvingrove). OLIVIER MESSIAENThe Word, the Light of Humanity (No. 6), fr Meditations on the Mysteries of the Holy Trinity (Cathdral of Saint Paul, MN)

Filler – ANDREW CARTER: Aria (from 9/29/09)

Hour 2

STEPHEN PAULUSCarol of the Hill. JEAN-JULES ROGER-DUCASSECrux fidelisChoir of St. George’s Church, Nashville/Wilma Jensen, organist and director (1986 Casavant) Pro Organo 7065

PAUL de MALEINGREAULe Tumulte au Prétoire , fr Symphonie de la PassionWilma Jensen (St. George’s, Nashville) Arkay 6117

CHARLES TOURNEMIREFantasie-Improvisation, Victimae Paschali --Wilma Jensen (1986 Casavant/St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN) Pro Organo 7186

GERALD FINZI (arr, Ridout):  Prelude.  PIERRE CAMONINPanis angelicusCHARLES-MARIE WIDORAllegro, fr Organ Symphony No. 6, Op. 42, no. 2ENNIO MORRICONEGabriel’s Oboe, fr The MissionWilma Jensen (Cathedral of Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 9/29/09)

Filler - MESSIAEN (see above)

A student of the legendary Catharine Crozier and Harold Gleason, Wilma Jensen (b. 3/8/1929) herself has become a legend, teaching at Oklahoma City University, Indiana University, Scarritt Graduate School and Vanderbilt University, and serving at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, and continues to preach the Gospel of Music.  In observance of her 85th birthday, she will be feted with a gala event (“Wilma Jensen and Friends”) at St. George’s on March 2, 2014.

Listen to Wilma Jensen present a complete performance of Paul de Maleingreau’s :   – – –   (from Arkay AR6117, nla)