1986 Casavant at Saint George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN

1986 Casavant at Saint George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN

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    #0229: Wilma Jensen at Saint George’s

    On our next Pipedreams program, Wilma Jensen is featured artist, proving that Nashville is not ALL country music. On the Casavant organ at Saint George’s Church, Ms. Jensen plays a recital on churchly themes, from bright preludes and quiet meditations to scenes of the Passion and hymns of the Resurrection. It IS all about love, and dedication, to music for the organ and the church. We celebrate the career of one of Nashville’s unsung star performers, a little woman who can make the big Casavant organ speak its mind. Enjoy the artistry of Wilma Jensen at Saint George’s Church, Nashville, TN.

    #0303: Windows of Opportunity

    The sound of music creates a sense of place, but on this week’s show we fill that place with images and colors through works inspired by stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals. From the Rose Windows at the Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris, or the Church of Saint Ouen in Rouen expressed through works of Henri Mulet and Marcel Dupré, to the picturesque Tiffany windows at First Presbyterian, Topeka, Kansas, and some movements commissioned on their behalf from composer Dan Locklair, you’ll be amazed at the juxtaposition of these art forms. See the light and hear the colors - organ works on pictoral themes - as they resonate through Windows of Opportunity.

    #0315: Resurrection Revelations

    The times, they are a-changing, and these days of evolving springtime bring equal measure of mystery and marvel. This week, we muse on this transformation of life with music for the spring festival of rebirth. French, German and American composers reflect on the Easter message. Marcel Dupré ponders the unknowable, Pierre Cochereau celebrates with dances and jubilation, while Richard Webster trumpets a Paschal Fanfare for the Risen Christ. Celebrate the coming of spring with music inspired by the Easter Festival. In parish chapels and historic cathedrals, we rejoice in Resurrection Revelations.