1930 Skinner/St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Morristown, NJ
1930 Skinner/St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Morristown, NJ
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

More Than Just Black and White #2107

. . . another color-full collection of music featuring Black composers, performers, and themes.

Hour One

JAMES LEE IIIAscend the Mountain: A Walk with Dr. KingKenneth Logan (1996 Casavant/ Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI) Pipedreams Archive (r. 2/11/2000)

FELA SOWANDEPrayer (Oba a ba ke)William O’Meara (2012 Brisson & Gagnon/St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario, Canada) O’Meara 2015

JOHN COLTRANEReverend KingANDRÉ ROSSI:  Chorale in E –Raphaël Imbert, saxophone; Jean-Luc DeFraya, tenor; Michel Péres, double-bass; Manfred String Quartet; André Rossi (2003 Daldasso/Parish Church, Bouc Bel Air, France) ZigZag 080101

CALVIN TAYLOR3 Spirituals for Organ (Go down, Moses; City called Heaven; Hold on!) Calvin Taylor (1994 Casavant/1st Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY) MasterDisc 8428

Filler – TAYLOR:  Go down Moses (see above)

Hour Two

ULYSSES KAYFinale, fr Suite No. 1Andrew Peters (2015 Schantz/2nd Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO) Regent 508

WILLIAM GRANT STILL (arr. Nies-Berger):  SummerlandYun Kim (1928 Skinner-1994 Dobson/1st Presbyterian Church, Battle Creek, MI) Raven 142

GEORGE WALKERSpires (1998) –Trent Johnson (1930 Skinner/St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Morristown, NJ) Albany 697

SAMUEL COLERIDGE-TAYLOR3 Pieces for Organ (Arietta-Melody-Elegy) William Tortolano (1966 Casavant/St. Michael’s College Chapel, Colchester, VT) Pipedreams Archive (r. 2/7/2012)

DAVID HURD:  Hymn, Ye who claim the faith of Jesus Cathedral Choir/Benjamin Bachman; Thomas Joyce (1935 Aeolian-Skinner/Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA) Pro Organo 7249

CHARLES CALLAHAN:  Suite on Afro-American Hymn Tunes (This little light of mine; Let us break bread together; Go down, Moses)Charles Callahan (1992 Heritage/All Saints Church, Buffalo, NY) Pro Organo 2231

FLORENCE PRICESuite No. 1 for Organ (1942) –Naki Sung Kripfgans (1940 Kimball-1958 Reuter/1st United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor, MI) FUMC Ann Arbor 2013

Filler – LEE (see above)

This is the third of four programs this month that highlight the work of Black composers and performers. Check our archive for more related content.

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