1999 Fisk/Benaroya Hall, Seattle
1999 Fisk/Benaroya Hall, Seattle
C. B. Fisk

The AGO In Seattle (II) #2220

. . . more mementos from the AGO convention in Seattle in the year 2000, preluding the upcoming one in July 2022.

Hour One

NIKOLAUS HASSEChoral Fantasia on Komm, heiliger GeistBruce Neswick (1998 Fritts/Lagerquist Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma) (r. 7/4/2000)

YORK BOWENFantasia, Op. 136Nicolas Kynaston (1907 Hutchings-Votey + 2000 Rosales/St. James Cathedral, Seattle) (r. 7/6/2000)

PAMELA DECKERRio abajo rio (premiere) –Christa Rakich (1965 Flentrop/St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle (r. 7/3/2000)

Filler – HASSE (see above)

Hour Two

SAMUEL SCHEIDTBergamasca.  JOHN DOWLAND (trans. Melchior Schildt):  Paduana LachrymaeARVO PÄRTAnnum per annumRobert Bates (1998 Fritts/Lagerquist Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma) (r. 7/4/2000)

NAJI HAKIMSeattle Concerto for Organ and OrchestraMarie-Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim (1999 Fisk/Benaroya Hall, Seattle) (r. 7/7/2000)

Filler – BOWEN (see above)

Though these archive recordings are twenty-two years old, most are receiving their first national broadcast here.

The next convergence of the American Guild of Organists National Convention in Seattle will take place this summer (July 3-7, 2022).

Additional performances from the AGO 2000 Convention can be enjoyed in these archived programs:


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