René Becker, Emma Lou Diemer, and Ned Rorem
René Becker, Emma Lou Diemer, and Ned Rorem
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Becker, Diemer, and Rorem #2242

. . . an American miscellany of three disparate and delightfully original composers, René Becker, Emma Lou Diemer, and Ned Rorem.

Hour One

RENÉ BECKER:  3 Pieces (March Gothique; Untitled in F; Prelude in F) –Steven Ball (1925 Casavant/Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Detroit, MI) Ball 86670 

EMMA LOU DIEMER2 Psalms for Percussion & Organ (Nos. 3 & 67) –Brian Tychinski, Michael Matteo & Scott Sexton, percussion; Joan DeVee Dixon (1991 Reuter/Munger Chapel, University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, AR) RBW 15

DIEMERPsalm 122 for Bass Trombone & Organ –Bryan Anton; btb; Joan DeVee Dixon (1991 Reuter/Munger Chapel, Clarksville, AR) RBW 13 

NED ROREM3 Motets (O Deus, ego amo te; Oratio patris condren; Thee God…)Choir of St. Thomas Church/Gerre Hancock; Judith Hancock (Aeolian-Skinner/St. Thomas Church, New York, NY) Argo 425 800

ROREM: Rain over the Quaker graveyard & Spirest, fr Views from the Oldest House  –Stephen Price (2006 Goulding & Wood/Ball State University, Muncie, IN) Raven 168 

Filler – BECKER:  March Gothique (see above)

Hour Two

ROREMMercy and truth are met togetherMadrigalia/Roger Wilhelm; Peter Dubois (Asbury-1St United Methodist Church, Rochester, NY) Madrigalia 1993

ROREM:  Selections fr A Quaker Reader (Bewitching attire…; A secret power; One sigh rightly begotten; Return home to within; Ocean of Light)Catharine Crozier (1986 Marcussen/Wiedemann Hall, Wichitate State University, Wichita, KS) Delos 3076

DIEMERAria & Scherzo for Flute and OrganDonna Hryniewicki, flute; Stacie Lightner (1927 Casavant-2001 Schantz/St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN) PD Archive (r. 9/25/22)

DIEMER3 Psalms for Organ Solo (Nos. 33 & 75)Joan DeVee Dixon (1991 Reuter/Munger Chapel, Clarksville, AR) RBW 14

BECKERSonata No. 3 in E, Op. 43Damin Spritzer (1890 Cavaillé-Coll/Church of Saint Salomon & Gregory, Pithiviers, France) Raven 925

Filler – DIEMER:  Aria and Scherzo (see above)

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