1979 Fisk/House of Hope Presbyterian Church, Saint Paul, MN
1979 Fisk/House of Hope Presbyterian Church, Saint Paul, MN
Len Levasseur/Pipe Organ Database

A Reformation Festival #2243

. . . music to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s revolutionary Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences (written 10/31/1517).

Hour One

J. S. BACH (arr. Near):  Ein feste Burg, fr BWV 80Phil Snedecor, trumpet; Paul Skevington (1998 Steiner-Reck/St. Luke Catholic Church, McLean, VA) Summit 349

AARON DAVID MILLERVariations on Ein feste BurgAaron David Miller (1979 Fisk/House of Hope Presbyterian Church, Saint Paul, MN) PD Archive (r. 5/3/13)

SIETZE de VRIES:  Improvisation on Ein feste BurgSietze de Vries (1692 Schnitger/Martinikerk, Groningen, The Netherlands) SdV 002

HELMUT WALCHAEin feste BurgWolfgang Rübsam (2000 Brombaugh/1st Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL) Naxos 8.572910

CHARLES VALENTIN ALKANImpromptu on a Choral of Luther, Op. 69 (Un fort rampart est notre Dieu…Ein feste Burg)Isabelle Demers (1965 Flentrop/Cathedral of St. Mark, Seattle, WA) PD Archive (r. 7/5/22)

Filler – MILLER (see above)

Hour Two

PAUL MANZA Mighty FortressPaul Manz (1965 Schlicker/Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN) Manz Music 922

BACHEin feste Burg, BWV 720Wolfgang Rübsam (1995 Brombaugh/Lawrence University Chapel, Appleton, WI) Naxos 8.553629

MAX REGEREin feste Burg, Op. 79bRobert Benjamin Dobey (2001 Schoenstein/Grace Episcopal Churchk Sheboygan, WI) Pro Organo 7204

KARL HOYEREin feste BurgGraham Barber (1970 Link/St. Paul’s Church, Ulm, Germany) Fugue State Records 025

TORE BJORN LARSEN:  Toccata for Organ (Ein feste Burg) –James D. Hicks (1994 Andersen/St. Morten’s Church, Randers, Denmark) Pro Organo 7292

COR KINTFantasy on Ein feste Burg, Op. 24Thijs Kramer (1923 Adema/St. Bavo Basilica, Haarlem, Netherlands) Koch 3-1276

SIGFRID KARG-ELERTEin feste Burg, Op. 65, no. 47 (Book 5, no. 3)  ..3fStefan Engels (1914 Kuhn/St. Anton Church, Zurich, Switzerland) Priory 1087

REGERFantasy on Ein feste Burg, Op. 27Christoph Albrecht (1908 Sauer/St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, Germany) Ars Vivendi 2100188

Filler – De VRIES (see above)

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