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James Hicks
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Un-Finnished Business and Other Nordic Notions #2301

. . . the ‘energy bunny’ James D. Hicks regales us with additional accounts of his Scandinavian sojourns.

Hour One

EGIL HOVLANDToccata on Nu la oss take Gud (1884 Nielsen-2009 Kuhn/Uranienborg Church, Oslo Norway) Pro Organo 7299

JOHN GRANLUNDPrelude & Fugue in g (completed by Walter Hilse).  MARKUS MALMGREN:  Variations on a Folk Tune (Skön Anna).  SIGUDUR SAEVARSSONTears of StoneJACOB EKSTRÖMToccata in D-flat (2007 Paschen/Central Church, Pori, Finland) Pro Organo 7297

We note with sadness the death of American organist Walter Hilse on December 30, 2022… R.I.P.   

Filler – HOVLAND (see above)

Hour Two

FREDRIK ISAACSSON:  Melodia, Op. 32, no. 2.  ERIK ALVIN:  Fantasia In Antico Modo (1905 Åkerman & Lund/St. Johannes Church, Malmö, Sweden) Pro Organo 7262

KJELL MØRK KARLSENPartita Brevis No. 6 for Recorder and OrganCaroline Eidesten Dahl, recorder (2015 Torkildsen/Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway) Pro Organo 7285

BENNA MOE:  Concert Suite, Movements 2 and 3 (1879 Olsen+1986 Marcsussen/Helligåndskirken, Copenhagen, Denmark) Pro Organo 7292

GUNNAR IDENSTAMThe Ballad of St. George and the Dragon (1913 Setterquist+2013 Åkerman & Lund/Olaus Petri Church, Örebro, Sweden) Pro Organo 7290

KURT WIKLANDERToccata on the Easter Introit, Op. 3, no. 1 (1898 Åkerman & Lund/ Våsterås Cathedral, Våsterås, Sweden) Pro Organo 7264

Filler – MOE: Concert Suite, Movement 1 (see above)

All performances feature American organist James D. Hicks as soloist on various instruments throughout Scandinavia.  Mr. Hicks also appeared in several previous PIPEDREAMS programs, available in our archive:

Jim’s ongoing Nordic Journey CD series is produced and distributed by Pro Organo.  Numerous YouTube videos provide additional background on today’s featured albums.

            Volume 2 – The Nordic Symphonic Tradition, recorded in Malmö, Sweden

            Volume 4 – Modern Masters, recorded in Västeräs, Sweden

            Volume 7 – Organs of Nidaros Cathedral, Norway

            Volume 9 – Music from Sweden, recorded in Orebro

            Volume 10 – Danish Perspectives, recorded in Copenhagen and Randers

            Volume 11 – Nordic Anthology, recorded in Pori, Finland

            Volume 12 – Organ Music from Norway, recorded in Oslo

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