David Briggs
David Briggs
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Renaissance Man #2303

. . . as composer, transcriber, improviser and performer, British-born recitalist David Briggs does it all.

Hour One

J. S. BACHIn dir ist Freude, BWV 615 (1985 Taylor & Boody/Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA) Chestnut Music 009

EDWARD ELGAR (trans. Briggs):  Allegro molto (ii.), fr Symphony No. 1 in A-flat, Op. 55 (2008 Tickell/Worcester Cathedral, England) Acclaim Productions 4016

BRIGGS:  Improvisation, Hommage a Langlais (1948 Ruffatti/Basilica Santa Maggiore, Bergamo, Italy) Chestnut Music 006

BRIGGSIn paradisum, fr Requiem –Euphony Choir; Northern Chamber Orchestra/Richard Tanner; Greg Morris (1969 Walker/Blackburn Cathedral, England) Chestnut Music 002

BRIGGSKyrie, fr Messe pour Saint-SulpiceVasari Singers/Jeremy Backhouse; David Briggs (1985 Marcussen/Tonbridge School Chapel, Kent, England) Naxos 8.573111

PIERRE COCHEREAUCantem toto la Gloria (1999 Nicholson/Gloucester Cathedral, England) Chestnut Music 011

Filler – BRIGGS:  Gloria, fr Messe pour Saint-Sulpice (see above)

Hour Two

JACQUES LEMMENSFanfare (1889 Anneessens-2006 Nicholson/Bridlington Priory, England) Chestnut Music 005

BRIGGSSalve Regina Improvisation (1999 Nicholson/Gloucester Cathedral, England) DB 5

HERBERT HOWELLS:  Rhapsody No. 3 in c# (1962 Klais/Himmerod Abbey, Germany) Chestnut Music 007

GUSTAV MAHLER (trans. Briggs):  Andante moderato, fr Symphony No. 6 in a (2006 Woehl/St. Catherine’s Church, Oppenheim, Germany) Chestnut Music 008

MAHLER (trans. Briggs):  Wieder frisch, fr Symphony No. 8 in E-flatSingers from the Cathedral, the Oratorio Society of New York and Manhattan School of Music/Kent Tritle; David Briggs (1954 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY) Pro Organo 7276

Filler – BRIGGS:  Hommage a Langlais (see above)

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