The Church of San Jerónimo, Tlacochahuaya
The Church of San Jerónimo, Tlacochahuaya
Michael Barone

Wintering in Oaxaca #2304

. . . an exploration of vintage instruments in southern Mexico with Cicely Winter, director of the Institute for Historic Organs of Oaxaca (IOHIO).

Hour One

JUAN CABANILLESToccata No. 2FRANCESCO CORREA de ARAUXO:  Tiento No. 39.  CABANILLESTiento No. 15 de Batalla Robert Bates (@1730 Anonymous/San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca)  IOHIO 3 & Loft 1142 

GASPAR FERNANDESToquen as sonajas, fr Oaxaca Codex –De Profundis EnsemblePerro Andaluz 4227

CIPRIANO: PÉRES SERNA:  Marche Gira Triunfal.  TRADITIONAL:  La TonaltecaALVARRO CARRILLO: Pinotepa,  fr Musica Regional Oaxaquena (ed. Winter) –Valentín Hernández, percussion; Cecilia Winter (1712 Chávez-1998 Tattershall/Oaxaca Cathedral) IOHIO 5

SEBASTIAN AGUILERA de HEREDIAPange LinguaJoel Vásquez (@1730 Vasaiez/Santa Maria de la Natividad, Tamazulapan, Oaxaca) PD Archive (r. 2-19-18)

DOMENICO CIMAROSA:  Sonata No. 52 in g and No. 51 in GLuigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (@1730 Anonymous/San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca)  IOHIO 4

CORREA:  Tiento No. 46 –Robert Bates (@1730 Anonymous/San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca) Loft 1143

Filler – TRADITIONAL: La Tonalteca (see above)

Hour Two

PADRÉ ANTONIO SOLERConcerto No. 1 in C for Two OrgansJeremy Joseph & Jürgen Essl (1695 Sesma & 1735 Nassare/Cathedral Metropolitana, Mexico City) Cybele 031802 

ANDRÉ CAMPRA (ed. Biggs):  RigaudonE. Power Biggs (1958 Tamburini/Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City) Columbia CDO-3001 (LP)

IGNACIO JERUSALEMCuando la primaveraVictor Urban (1721 Anonymous Templo de San Antonio, Santiago de Querétaro)  Querétaro 2003

PABLO BRUNAObra del OctavoDavid Furniss (Templo de Santa Maria de la Asunción, Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca) PD Archive (r. 2-19-18)

FRANZ ANTON MAICHELBECK:  Bourée, Minuet & Trio, fr Sonata No. 5 in G –Christoph Hammer (@1726 Anonymous/Templo de San Andrés Zaulta, Oaxaca) PD Archive (IOHIO 2-17-18)

CORREA:  Tiento No. 42 –Robert Bates (1791 Neri/Santa Maria de la Asuncón, Tlacolula, Oaxaca) Loft 1141

SAMUEL MONDRAGON:  Flor de Pina –Valentín Hernández, percussion; Cecilia Winter (1712 Chávez-1998 Tattershall/Oaxaca Cathedral) IOHIO 5

DEMETRIO LÓPEZ:  El Feo, fr Musica Regional Oaxaquena –Valentín Hernández, percussion; Cecilia Winter (1712 Chávez-1998 Tattershall/Oaxaca Cathedral) IOHIO 5

TRADITIONAL:  Maria møy på GripIngeborg Hungnes, soprano; Henning Sommerro (Oaxaca Cathedral) Kirkelig Kuturverkstad 222

Filler – CIMAROSA:  Sonata No. 51 in G (see above)

Since the year 2000, Cicely Winter has been deeply involved with the Institute for Historic Organs in Oaxaca (IOHIO) the documentation, promotion, and preservation of a remarkable collection of historic pipe organs built between 1686 and 1891 in churches throughout the southern Mexican State of Oaxaca.  All have been documented, some have been restored, while others remain in various states of conservation.

IOHIO will sponsor its 14th (and final) International Organ and Early Music Festival (February 22-27, 2023)  in and around Oaxaca.  More information, with many color photographs of instruments, can be accessed onlineThis very well may be the last such festival, so if you have thought about attending, understand there will not be a ‘next year’.

Additional instrument pictures are included with an interview of IOHIO director Cicely Winter published in the American Guild of Organist’s online journal Vox Humana

See Michael Barone's photos of Oaxacan organs by clicking here.

Recordings issued by IOHIO are available through the Organ Historical Society online catalog

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