1977 Klais/Ingolstadt Cathedral, Germany
1977 Klais/Ingolstadt Cathedral, Germany
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Yet More Concertos #2309

. . . the repertoire for organ and orchestra contains untold riches that we rarely hear.

Hour One

J. S. BACHSinfonia to Cantata BWV 29Georgian Chamber Orchestra of Ingolstadt/Markus Poschner; Franz Hauk (1977 Klais/Liebfraumünster, Ingolstadt, Germany) Guild 7264

JOHN WELLS:  Concerto No. 1 for Organ and Orchestra (on Maori themes) –Christchurch Symphony Orchestra/Brian Law; John Wells (1969 Harrison/Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand) Ribbonwood 1089 (You can listen his Second Organ Concerto and also to the USA premiere of this First Concerto, which was aired on PIPEDREAMS program #1749)

JAMES CALLAHAN:  Concerto (No. 2) for Organ, Strings, Percussion & Horn (premiere) –St. Thomas Festival Orchestra/James Callahan; Jacob Benda (1987 Kney/St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, MN) PD Archive (r. 4/24/22)

Filler – CALLAHAN (see above)

Hour Two

JOSEPH JONGENAlleluja for Organ & Orchestra, Op. 112 –Ingolstadt Philharmonic/Alfredo Ibarra; Franz Hauk (1977 Klais/Liebfraumünster, Ingolstadt, Germany) Guild 7182

FATHER THEO FLURY:  Concerto for Organ & Strings –Collegium Musicum of the Jesuit Church, Luzern/Pascal Mayer; Elizabeth Zawadke (1982 Metzler/Jesuit Church, Lucerne, Switzerland) Con Affetto 014 

MIECZYSLAW SURZYNSKI:  Concerto in g for Organ & Orchestra, Op. 35 –Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra/Jacek Rogala; Jerzy Dziubinski (1998 Hillebrand/Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Warsaw, Poland) Dux 0360

Filler – WELLS (see above)

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