Mickey Thomas Terry
Mickey Thomas Terry
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Embracing Black & White #2308

. . . bridging differences of style and culture, music makes the world a bigger place.

Hour One

DUKE ELLINGTONDon’t get around much anymore & I let a song go out of my heartRuby Braff, cornet; Dick Hyman (Wurlitzer/Keystone Oaks High School, Dormont, PA) Arbors 19269

WAYNE MARSHALL (arr.):  Improvisation on themes from Leonard Bernstein’s CandideWayne Marshall (2005 Karl Schuke/Philharmonie, Luxembourg) Fugue State Records 006

FELA SOWANDEYoruba LamentLucius Weathersby (1864-1951 Willis/St. Michael & All Angels Church, Great Torrington, England) Albany 440

CALVIN TAYLOR:  2 Spiritual Meditations (Perfect PeaceLift every voice and sing)Calvin Taylor (1994 Casavant/1st Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY)  PD Archive (r. 11-23-22)

Filler – ELLINGTON (see above)

Hour Two

WILLIAM RUNYANGreat is thy faithfulnessDORIS AKERSSweet, sweet spirit.  ANDRAÉ CROUCHThe blood will never lose its power –Currenton Ensemble; Evelyn Simpson-Currenton, voice & organ (unidentified) Currenton Publications 2009

FLORENCE PRICEOrgan Sonata No. 1Nathaniel Gumbs (1927 Skinner/Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, CT)  PD Archive (r. 9-18-22)

ROBERT A. HARRISA Solemn ProcessionalMARK FAXThe Quiet ChurchDAVID HURDEvening SongMARK A. MILLERToccata, Lift every voice and singMickey Thomas Terry (2013 Austin/1st Baptist Church, Washington, DC) PD Archive (r. 7/13/22)

Filler – TAYLOR:  Lift every voice and sing) (see above)

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