1891 Schyven at Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium
1891 Schyven at Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium
Orgelbau Schumacher

More Winds from Aeolus #2318

. . . a sampler from some recent and intriguing releases produced by audio engineer Christoph Frommen.

Hour One

HIERONYMUS PRAETORIUSMagnificat Octavi ToniLéon Berben (1650 Kröger/St. Laurentius Church, Langwarden) Aeolus 11311

FELIX MENDELSSOHN (trans. Schmeding):  Hebrides Overture, Op. 26  –Martin Schmeding (2017 Woehl/Friedenskirche, Köln-Mülheim, Germany) Aeolus 11321

J. S. BACHPrelude & Fugue in D, BWV 532Daniel Beckmann (2022 Rieger & 2021 Goll/Mainz Cathedral, Germany) Aeolis 11381

PIERRE FROIDEBISEDiptyque (Meditation & Toccata)Peter Van de Velde (1909 Stevens/St. Michael’s Church, Antwerp, Belgium) Aeolus 11351

Filler - MENDELSSOHN (see above)

Hour Two

JEHAN TITELOUZEAd coenam agni provide (4 verses)Lëon Berben (1663 Villers & Carouge/Notre Dame Church, Juvigny, France) Aeolus 11341

PAUL de MALEINGREUSuite Mariale, Op. 65 (Annunciation-Visitation-Seven Sorrows-Glorification) –Peter Van de Velde (1891 Schyven/Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp, Belgium) Aeolus 10611

HARVEY GRACE:  2 Pieces (Laus DeoFantasy-Prelude Resurgam), fr 10 Compositions for Organ –Damin Spritzer (1895 Lewis/Albion Church, Ashton-Under-Lyne, England) Raven 177

Filler – BACH:  Fugue in D (see above)

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