Anton Bruckner
Anton Bruckner
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Bruckner and the Organ #2319

. . . we explore the thesis that this composer’s symphonies are said to have been inspired by his years as organist.

Hour One

ANTON BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  2 Orchestra Pieces (Andante con moto in F; Andante in e), WAB 97 and March in d, WAB 96BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  Allegro, fr Symphony No. 1 in c, WAB 101 –Hansjörg Albrecht (2018 Rieger/Bruckner Concert Hall, Linz, Austria) Oehms Classics 477

OSCAR JOCKELBruckner Window No. 2 –Hansjörg Albrecht (2018 Rieger/Bruckner Concert Hall, Linz, Austria) Oehms Classics 477

BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  Kaiserliche Festmusik –Erwin Horn (1774 Krisman-1996 Kögler/St. Florian Abbey, Austria) Motette 13551

Filler – BRUCKNER:  March in d (see above)

Hour Two

BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  Moderato in E-flat, WAB 97Hansjörg Albrecht (2018 Rieger/Bruckner Concert Hall, Linz, Austria) Oehms Classics 477

BRUCKNER: 3 Early Preludes -Franz Haselböck (1982 Walcker/Göttweig Abbey, Austria) KKM 3071

BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  Adagio, fr String QuintetWinfried Bönig (1948-1998 Klais/Cologne Cathedral, Germany) Motette 13254

BRUCKNERPerger Prelude in CBRUCKNER (ed. Horn):  Prelude & Fugue in c –Erwin Horn (1955-1988 Klais/Frauenkirche, Nürnberg, Germany) Novalis 150 071

BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):  Finale, fr Symphony No. 2 in c, BWV 102Hansjörg Albrecht (1922 Willis-1986 Harrison/Westminster Cathedral, London, England) Oehms Classics 478 

Filler – BRUCKNER:  Allegro, fr Symphony No. 1 (see above)

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