1977 Klais/Ingolstadt Cathedral, Germany
1977 Klais/Ingolstadt Cathedral, Germany
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We All Love Concertos #2328

. . . delve yet again into the incredibly rich repertoire of music for organ and orchestra.

Hour One

W. A. MOZARTFestival Sonata in D, K. 144 –Charlier Ensemble; Jean-Pierre Lecaudey (1982 Grenzing/St. Cyprien Church, Perigord, France) Pavane 7507/8

G. F. HANDELOrgan Concerto No. 10 in d, Op. 7, no. 4 –Langham Sinfonia/Noel Tredinnick; Gerard Brooks (1792 England/St. James Church, Clerckenwell, England) Priory 439

CHARLES LEFEBVREMeditation, Op. 68 –Festival Orchestra/Kent Stalker; Sigurd Øgaard (1964 Holtkamp/Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX) PD Archive (r. 6/27/04)

JAMES CALLAHANOrgan Concerto No. 1 (2012) –Festival Orchestra/Matthew George; David Jenkins (1987 Kney/St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN) PD Archive (r. 4/24/22)

ALEXANDRE GUILMANTAllegro for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81 –Philharmonia Ingolstadt/Olaf Koch; Franz Hauk (1977 Klais/Liebfrauenmünster, Ingolstadt, Germany) Guilld 7215

 Filler – HANDEL (see above)

Hour Two

MOZARTFestival Sonata in D, K. 245 –Charlier Ensemble; Jean-Pierre Lecaudey (1982 Grenzing/St. Cyprien Church, Perigord, France) Pavane 7507/8

ANTON HEILLEROrgan Concerto (1963) –Assumption Grotto Orchestra/Eduard Perrone; Thomas Schuster (1999 Austin/St. Raymond Church, Detroit, MI) Grotto 1989

GUILMANTAdorationIngolstadt Philharmonic/Alfredo Ibarra; Franz Hauk (1977 Klais/Ingolstadt Cathedral, Germany) Opus Magnum 1003

MICHEL CORRETTEOrgan Concerto No. 5 in F, fr Op. 26 –Concerto Rococo; Jean-Patrice Brosse (17th c. Lepine+1981 Lacroix-Swiderski/St. Mary Cathedral, St. Bertrand-de-Comminges, France) Pierre Verany 793113

Filler – GUILMANT: Allegro (see above)

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