2010 Fisk/Auer Hall, Indiana University Bloomington, IN
2010 Fisk/Auer Hall, Indiana University Bloomington, IN
C. B. Fisk

Some Brilliant Classics #2329

. . . a selective sampler of some of the newest releases on one of the most adventuresome and active digital labels, Brilliant Classics.

Hour One

HANS LEO HASSLER:  2 Verses, fr Magnificat noni toniManuel Tomadin (17th c. Anonymous/Santa Catarina Church, Commanza, Italy) Brilliant Classics 95331

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDIToccata Undecima, fr Book 1 & Magnificat Primi Toni, fr Book 2Roberto Loreggian (2002 Zanin/San Bernardino Church, Verona, Italy & 1565 Antegnati/Santa Barbara Church, Mantua, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96895

CHRISTIAN ERBACH:  Toccata  & Canzona Secundi ToniManuel Tomadin (1475 da Prato/San Petronio Basilica, Bologna, Italy) Brilliant Classics 95329

JOSEF RHEINBERGERKyrie, fr Mass in F, Op. 190 –Il Polifonico/Fabiana Noro; Manuel Tomadin (1989 Zanin/San Quirino Church, Undine, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96766

RHEINBERGERRhapsodie for Oboe & Organ, fr Sonata No. 7, Op. 127Cristina Monticoli, oboe; Manuel Tomadin (1874 Steinmeyer/Lutheran Church, Trieste, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96470

J. C. F. FISCHERPrelude & Chaconne, fr Suite EuterpeRui Fernando Soares (1701 Schnitger/Moreira da Maia Monastery, Portugal) Brilliant Classics 96412

CESAR FRANCKFinale, fr Grand piece symphoniqueOlivier Penin (1859 Cavaillé-Coll+2005 Dargassies/Church of St. Clotilde, Paris, France) Brilliant Classics 98220

Filler – FRESCOBALDI:  Toccata (see above)

Hour Two

GIOVANNI BATTISTA MARTINI:  Sonata in G –Manuel Tomadin (1786 Merlini/St. Sebastian Church, Dignano, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96182

PIETRO YONPastorale Sorrentina & Marche PastoraleTommaso Mazzoletti (2021 Brodino Vegezzi-Bossi/St. Paul Reformed Church, Gland, Switzerland) Brilliant Classics 96202

HENDRIK ANDRIESSENMaria, schone vrouweHENK BADINGSToccataKlaartje van Veldhoven, soprano; Matthias Havinga (1856-1906 Lindsen-Adema/Josephkerk Haarlem, Netherlands) Brilliant Classics 96304

FRANZ XAVER ANTON MURSCHHAUSER: Versets Primi toni, fr Prototypon longo-breve organicum (1703)Silvia Manfre (1662 Freundt-1780 Richter/Baumgartenburg Collegiate Church, Austria) Brilliant Classics 96707 

OTTAVIO BARIOLLARicercar PrimoSilvia Manfré (1565 Antegnati/Santa Barbara Basilica, Mantua, Italy)  Brilliant Classics 96376

JOHANN SPETHMagnificat Sexti ToniLetizia Butterin, soprano; Chiara Minali (2011 Dell’Orto & Lanzini/Santa Maria Assunta, Cavalese, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96097

PETR EBENMoto Ostinato, fr Musica DominicalisJanette Fishell (2010 Fisk/Auer Hall, Indiana University Bloomington, IN) Brilliant Classics 96312

Filler – FRANCK (see above)

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