Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
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A Good Bach Rub #2330

. . . a mid-year tribute to the memory of Johann Sebastian Bach (d. 7/28/1750).

Hour One

J. S. BACHFantasy & Fugue in g, BWV 542Daniel Roth (1862 Cavaillé-Coll/St. Sulpice, Paris, France) IFO 7244

BACHToccata in G, BWV 916John Wellingham (1743 Strähle/Strömsholm Castle, Sweden) Proprius 9143

BACHTrio Sonata No.4 in e, BWV 528Gerhard Gnann (1745 J-A Silbermann/Protestant Temple, Wasselonne, France) Aeolus 10761

BACHContrapunctus No. 11, fr Art of Fugue, BWV 1080Joan Lippincott (2008 GOArt-1776 Casparini replica/Christ Church, Rochester, NY) Gothic 49278

Filler – BACH:  Trio Sonata No. 4, 1st movement (see above)

Hour Two

BACH (trans. Rübsam):  Orchestral Suite No. 2 in b, BWV 1067Wolfgang Rübsam (1998 Casavant/Church of St Louis, King of France, St. Paul, MN) Brilliant Classics 96846

BACHPastorale in F, BWV 590Masaaki Suzuki (1691 Schnitger-1729 Hinsz/Martinikerk, Groningen, Netherlands) Bis 2111

BACHRicercare a 6, fr Musical Offering, BWV 1079Timothy Albrecht (2005 Jaeckel/Performing Arts Center, Emory University, Atlanta, GA) Benito 778

Filler – BACH:  Orchestral Suite No. 2, Ouverture (i.) (see above)

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