1971 Holtkamp/Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
1971 Holtkamp/Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Museum of Art

American Music (Encore of #2017) #2336

…a reflection on the diverse styles by which American composers express themselves.

Hour 1

MICHAEL BURKHARDTVariations, All Glory, Laud and HonorMichael Burkhardt (1988 Casavant/Christ College Chapel, Irvine, CA) MorningStar 11

SAMUEL ADLERRecitativeRobert Noehren (1966 Noehren/1st Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, MI) Lyrichord LP 7191

PAUL MANZGod of GraceDan Miller (1990 Möller/Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC) Miller 1990

MICHAEL DAUGHERTYOnce Upon a Castle (revised version)Nashville Symphony Orchestra/Giancarlo Guerrero; Paul Jacobs (2007 Schoenstein/Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN) Naxos 8.559798

Filler – BURKHARDT (see above)

Check out our archive to hear the original version of Once Upon a Castle as premiered by the Ann Arbor Symphony in 2003.

Hour 2

JAMES BATESAll Things Bright and BeautifulSusan Bates (1999 Dobson/West Market Street United Methodist Church/Greensboro, NC) Bates 0805

DONALD ERBAubadeSt. Paul’s Church Handbell Choir; Karel Paukert (1971 Holtkamp/Gartner Auditorium, Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH) Azica 71229

GERRE HANCOCKToccataTodd Wilson (1969 Adams/St. Thomas Church, New York, NY) Raven 951

FREDERICK FRAHM3 New Mexico Sketches (By the Rio Grande at Dawn; In Chaco Canyon at Noon; Dusk on the Plains of St. Augustine)Wyatt Smith (2012 Schantz/Church of the Gesu, Milwaukee, WI) Pipedreams Archive (r. 11/12/13)

ROBERT ELMORERhythmic SuiteRobert Plimpton (Wanamaker Organ/Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia, PA) Pipedreams Archive (r. 6/2/12)

Filler – MANZ (see above)

This ENCORE program was broadcast previously as #2017 on April 27, 2020.

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