1997 Fisk-Rosales/Rice University, Houston, TX
1997 Fisk-Rosales/Rice University, Houston, TX
C. B. Fisk

Invitation to the Dance (Encore of #2010) #2337

…though the pipe organ itself may seem big and ponderous, its music will have your toes tapping.

Hour 1

CARL MARIA von WEBERInvitation to the DanceBoston University Symphonic Organ (Boston University, MA) PD Archive 08/87

ANGELA KRAFT CROSS:  Folk Hymn Fantasia on Lord of the Dance (1993) –Angela Kraft Cross (2002 Dobson/Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles, CA)  Compass Audio 7201

PAMELA DECKERLa Danza (2017)Pamela Decker (1965 Flentrop/St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA) Loft 1151

MAURICE DURUFLÉ (trans. Whitehead):  Danse lente (ii.), fr Trois Danses, Op. 6William Whitehead (Oberthür/Auxerre Cathedral, France) Chandos 10315

DURUFLÉ (trans. Anderson):  Tambourin (iii.), fr Trois Danses, Op. 6Bryan Anderson (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Rice University, Houston, TX) PD Archive (r. 2/24/18)

MAURICE RAVEL (trans. Figiani):  La ValseStephen Tharp (1992 Ruffatti/Spivey Hall, Morrow, GA) Pipedreams Archive (r. 1/28/17) [See also Acis APL31995]

Filler –DURUFLÉ: Tambourin, fr Trois Danses, Op. 6 (Sinfonia of London/John ) Chandos 5252

Hour 2

ELIAS AMMERBACHPassamezzo anticoJoseph Payne (1890 Moline/St. Joseph’s Church, Fort Madison, IA) Naxos 8.550965

ANONYMOUS:  3 Galliards –Francesco Cera (1772 Anonymous positive) Brilliant Classics 85240

PIERRE ATTAIGNANT (pub.):  Renaissance Songs & Dances (Fortune lesse moy la vie-Branle-Languir me fait sans tavoir offense-Pavane & Gaillard)Robert Bates (1568 Anonymous-2012 Cattiaux/Church of St. Peter, Saint-Julien-du-Sault, France) Loft 1137 

JOHANN STRAUSS, Jr. (trans. Hohman):  Pizzicato Polka. SIGFRID KARG-ELERTValse mignonne, Op. 124, no. 2 –Frederick Hohman (1953 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY) Pro Organo 7272

ANONYMOUS: Estampida de Rocamadour –Thierry Gomar, percussion; Christophe Deslignes (Seitz organetto) Ricercar 206662

BERNARD JOHNSONElfentanzSimon Nieminski (2012 Reuter/3rd Baptist Church, Saint Louis, MO) Regent 473

FERRUCCIO BUSONIContrapunctisches Tanzstück, Op. 30a –Paolo Bottini (1968 Bevilacqua-2004 Chichi/Collegiata di Sant’Andrea, Empoli, Italy) Bongiovanni 5191

NOEL RAWSTHORNEDance SuiteGordon Stewart (1881 Willis/Huddersfield Town Hall, England) Dolcan 09

Filler – CROSS (see above)

This ENCORE program was broadcast previously as #2010 on March 9, 2020.

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